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Alesia Romero
Ali Keller
Allie DeLong Thomas
In honor of Mary Herche
Go O’Dea & HNA!!!!
Allie Jordan
Allison & Steve Schellong
Allison Fina Lowry
Wonderful school Wonderful 4 years
Allison Neiders
Amanda Riggers
Amanda Rubel
Amina Kapusuzoglu
Amy Katz
Go pipers! Class of 1992!
Andrew Ewing
Angelina Blackburn
Angie Ogilvy
Ann Eljenholm Nichols
In honor of My Teachers at Holy Names
Anne Bulchis
In honor of the Fabulous Class of 1998 and all the wonderful teachers and counselors at HNA!
Anne Carney
Anne Depue
Anne Read-Andersen
In memory of Josie Leahy, class of ‘82
Anne Sacquitne
In honor of Viola & Marvin Sacquitne
Our parents sacrifice so my two older sisters and I could attend holy names. Because of that we all received an incredible education that laid the foundation for attending post secondary education.
Annie Hockey
Annie McKeon
Antonette Ferulano Goroch
HNA was my school from 1st grade through high school graduation. It will always be a cherished part of my life.
Aoife Groppo
Ashley Kuhn
In honor of Jody Ivy
Audrey Threlkeld
Ava Isarankura
Avery Haller
Women’s education rocks!
Barbara Ashley
In honor of Susan Scanlan
Barbara Banon
Barbara Friedl
In honor of celine Steinburger
Barbara Gregory
In honor of Barbara Budd Denovan
Barbara Paschke
Barry Hachler
Bill and Roni Grady
Bonnie Cavanaugh
In honor of Kathy Osterfield
Bonnie Curran
Brandi Booker
So excited to see the community come together for a great mission of empowering young women
Brian O'Brien
Bridget Carr
In honor of Margaret Massart
My mother graduated from Holy Names in 1942 and my daughter graduated from Holy Names in 2002. I wish I had attended Holy Names
Bridget Lewis
CJ Harris
Caitlin McHugh
Cara Priestley
Carla Johnson
Carmen Suazo
In honor of Miquela Suazo '04
HNA! Castle on the hill?
Carol Bergesen
Carol and Greg Karalus
Caroline Malone
Carolyn Munday
HNA is magical. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to go here!!
Carrie Hallquist
Catherine Austin
All the best to the young women, faculty and staff of HNA!!
Catherine Badart
Catherine Chastang
Go HNA! Class of ‘77 rules!
Catherine Mirkin
Cathy Murray
Cathy Wickwire
In honor of Mary Lou Wickwire
Given in honor of my Mom and her service to the school as a parent, grandparent, and longtime board member
Cecile Kerr
Cecilia Mo
Cheers to both the teachers & the young women of HNA…Keep up the good work !
Cecily Schmidt
Go Cougars
Celeste Dargent
Celeste Gazarek
In memory of sister Sue, 1971 (even though Class of ‘70 was best!) Wonderful school then, incredible now!
Celine O’Leary Efimba
Chris & Susan Gimbl
Chris Behrman
We support HNA because they educate young women to be confident, curious, smart and leaders!
Chris Waldref
Christen Carson
Christine McGinley
Christoph & Linda Kruger
To the making of future leaders!
Cindy Riley
Cindy Rogich Paulson
Thank you HNA!
Clare Spano
Go Skippers!
Claudia Ross
Colleen Horn
Courtney Mitchell
Courtney Pharr
Cristina Bailet
HNA has served me and my family so well. Let's create similar opportunities for future young women!
Curtis & Rita Orazem
Cyndi Ohrt
Thank You HNA for preparing our daughter for college and beyond. The staff is generous with their time to help any student who wants the extra time and attention. Always wishing HNA success today and into the future.
Cynthia Lohman
In honor of Mary Schwarz O'Brien
Please put this towards Mary Schwarz O'Brien '42 Endowment. Mary just passed away and wanted donations sent to HNA - YAY
On behalf of KELLEY MCLaughlin
Dana Johnston
Daniel Pelfrey
Daniel Webster
Danny Olshefsky
In honor of Mia Suazo
Thank you to HNA for its dedication to women's education. Consider this a down payment toward this member of the Class of 2039's tuition.
Darcy Held
David Defferding
Best High School in the state!
David Melton
Debbie Robinson
Debi Kaplan
The theater department at HNA has surrounded my child with love and support and made this the best year she has ever had!
Deborah Brandt
In memory of Ken Requa
Deborah Walters
Derek & Francis Olson
Diane Congiusta Responte
Thank you to your wonderful teachers and staff members who have provided an excellent education to so many women from various ethnic backgrounds.
Diane Heye
Diankha Linear
Dianna Dickins
In memory of Mary Knowles
In honor of the memory of my mother, Mary, who encouraged me all through my years at Holy Names and beyond.
Don & Ann Connolly
Don & Marylee Olinger
Keep up the great work, HNA! You are creating wonderful girls.
Don Linde
Donald Frissell
Donald Simpson
Great school for granddaughter, Lila Simpson.
Dorothy Cicero
Supporting great education for women!
Doug Skrobut
Ed & Pat Denend
Great education
Edward Bulchis
Thanks for giving two of my daughters a great education and a great experience.
Eileen Katica
Eleanor Douglas
Eleanor Vail
Eliza Dornbush
Elizabeth Liebert
My school from 1st to 12th grade. Long time friends. Favorite teachers. Music department and orchestra. I could go on!
Emily Bassett
Go Holy Names!
Emily Gudaitis
Emily Nordhoff
Emily Whiting
Emmee Michler
We love HNA!
Erik Brannfors
Esther Beltran
When we needed help we got helped from people donating We truly will never forget
Flor & Ben Legaspi
Donation for Student Elise Klepper
Flor & Ben Legaspi
Donation for Aubrey Klepper
Gabriela Gonzalez
Gail Jensen
In memory of my sister, Judith Jensen Platt, Class of 1960
Gail Pace
Gemma Holt
Georgia Jellen
Gina Kilbridge
Gloria Nduka
Grace Ellen
Grace Telcs
Greg Bianchi
Gregory Bigley
Gregory Hixson
Gwynneth Harris
Heather Baillie
Heather Liukkonen
Helen Hambelton
Holly Cole
Hope Gelfand
Hope Juzon
JackieLyn Olson
In memory of Becky (Bingell) Marti, Class of 1955
Jacqueline Carreon
Jacqueline Causbie
In memory of Marilyn Gedda Hueffed
Jai Elliott
James Hinz
James Waldref
In honor of Miquela Suazo '04
Go Cougars!
Jan and Angela Miksovsky
Jann Byrd
Class of 1970 - Skippers! Great education; wonderful experience!
Jean Manley
In honor of A favorite teacher, Sr. Mary Sylvia
Jeanine Benham-jones
Jeanne & James Rolph
Jeanne Ballot
Jennifer Breedlove
Jennifer Ching
We are grateful for HNA!❤️
Jennifer Hermitage
Jennifer Mulrean
Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer Y Wong
In memory of Patricia Wong Young
Jenny and Adam Ott
Jessica Gockel
So grateful for my HNA family! ❤️
Jessica Vering
Jo Anne Marchitto Earnheart
General fund given by Jo Anne Marchitto Earnheart
JoAnn Oiye
Joan Sullivan
Jodi Foisy
Johanna Rundquist
I am grateful for HNAs support of my daughter and will continue to support your mission of educating young women.
John & Jocelyn Antilla
In honor of HNA Teachers
So appreciate your work in support of our girls!!
John & Lois Fox
John Dawson
Judith Hilton Brusseau
Julia Torgelson
Julie Raney
In honor of HNA’s SNJMs
Julie Tilghman and Sean Walsh
I love this school so much! So many amazing people! :)
Kady Shumway
In honor of Margy Pepper
In honor of my mom, the ultimate alum (and a fellow Piper)!
Kaitlin Cappetto
Karen & Jeff Sweeney
Karen Follman
Karen Sherrod
In memory of Judy Cholaj Cossey
Karl Van Asselt
Granddaughter loves school!
Karla Beyer
Kate Sortun
Kate Walsh
My granddaughter is truly enjoying her Holy Names experience and for that I am grateful!
Katherine Hinterberger
Katherine Mcelmeel Coll
Please apply to the ‘61 endowment
Katherine Moran
Katherine Torgelson
Love HNA!
Kathleen Hilton
Kathleen Hodson
supporting our granddaughter Olivia
Kathleen Malcher
Kathryn McKeon
Kathy Buckley
In memory of Sister Celine Steinberger, SNJM '60
Kathy Kirschner
Katie Frissell
Katie Marich
Katie Rock
Katrina Alexander
Proud to be an alumni.
Katrina Holt
Kay Tyllia
Kelley McLaughlin
Thank you for providing our daughter Lillian-Grace 24’ a wonderful all women’s education. We look forward to hopefully having our younger daughter Lizzy-May attend 25-26’ school year. Go Cougars!!
Kelline Carroll
Khalila Spletzer
Kiana Green Lyons
Kim Dawson
Thank you to everyone for supporting HNA!
Kirsten Kenny
Krista Smith
Supporting as an alum who understands the impact of this amazing school community! Go HNA!
Kristi Paynter
HNA was a great place for my daughter. She’s thriving in college in large part due to her HNA education and all around experience. Thanks HNA!
Kristin Duvall Pavon
Way to go HNA!!!
Kristin Thorness Gilda
Lara Pollack
Laura La Rosa
Laura Lalita
Laynette Baron
Leandra Craft
Lily Glueck
Linda O’Grady
Linnea Koivu
Lisa Clemens-Mitchell
Lisa Mrkvicka Mudgett
Lisa Page Prahl
Lorene Copeland Lake
Go Cadets!
Lori Wilbur
Thankful for the wonderful education my daughter is receiving!
Lorna Buck
Lorraine Patterson-Harris
Best school in Seattle!!
Luciana Hebert
In honor of Jeannie (McCullough) Muters, c/o 1964
Lucille McMurtrie
I am glad to support this school that is providing for Finley’s educational, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
Lucille McMurtrie
Lynda Prendergast
M Colleen Barrett
Madeline McKenzie
In honor of HNA alum, School Counselor and Varsity Basketball Coach Emily McKenzie
Madelyn Price
Marci Bylund
Margaret Opalka
Margo Nassar
Its the Taylor Swift of highschools!
Maria Amaya
Thank you for all the work you do to support our young women - our future!!
Maria Carilao
Maria Nelson
Maria Spanel
Maria Strickland
Marianne Goebl
Loved my years at HNA. Great friendships that continue today, and such a beautiful school!
Marianne McGah
Marie Groark and George Nelson
Maris Grigalunas
Mark Capeloto
Marty Hillary
In honor of In memory of Jack
Keep up the great educational opportunities for girls
Mary Colasurdo
In memory of Mildred Maes Driscoll
Mary Ellen Estes
In memory of Patricia Switter McCormick '60
Mary Herche
Mary Martin
In honor of Madeleine Martin
Mary Mead Smith
Mary Wellings
In honor of Mars Wellings
My niece, class of 2027
Mary Wiseman
Maud Follman
Keep the Excellence going
Maureen Kenny
In honor of Beth Kenny and George Kenny
Maureen Keough-Summers
Max & Carolyn Bardon
McKenna Buck
Meg Sullivan
Megan Diefenbach
Megan Smith
Megan Wellings
In honor of Maggie McArthur
Love and miss you Grandma!
Meredith Waldref
Mia Pizzuto
Michaela Bromfield
In honor of JoJo Bromfield '10
Proud of my sister, JoJo Bromfield for her work in the community and for speaking at this year's HNA Annual Appreciation Dinner.
Michaela Bromfield
In honor of My mom, Val Bromfield
My mom's passion for women's education is how I ended up at HNA. I am forever grateful for her and my dad's determination to do whatever it took to send my sister and I to HNA.
Michelle Grevson-Ellenbaum
We LOVE this school!! What a fantastic, inclusive, academically interesting, fun, and safe place for our daughter to be, . . . Herself, her best self. Thank you EVERYONE AT HOLY NAMES ACADEMY!!! You make this all happen!!!
Michelle Jolly
Mike Cappetto
Go HNA Softball!
Miquela Suazo
In memory of my grandmother, Eleanor G. Suazo
Miquela Suazo
Moira Cornell
Monica Hinman
Ms. Draggoo
We love our students!
Mugs Lillquist
Let’s go Cadets !!!!
Nancy Colobong Smith
In honor of Class of 1992 Pipers!
I support HNA because of the support , mentoring & friendships I developed there.
Nancy Dwyer
We feel so blessed to have our granddaughter Lillian-Grace attend HNA. She has grown so much during these last four years. Thank for all your love and support that you give your students.
Nancy Schoeggl
Niki Robinson
Noelle Onstad
Noreen Goldwire
Olivia Mullen
Olivia Ohrt
I am an alumni of HNA and a current senior at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I felt very prepared for college, academically, socially and spiritually. Thank you HNA for all the lovely memories, friendships and support.
Pamela Behr
Pamela Muskett
Patty and Rich Tilghman
Our daughter teaches there and loves it, and our granddaughter is a happy Freshman.
Paul & Josephine Hamaker
Paul Sawicki
In honor of Gwen Sawicki
Paul Stone
Perry Colagrossi
Rachel Harmon
Reginald and Gwen Holt
Rena Mitchell
Riley Martin
In honor of Judy Ryan SNJM
Robby Frondozo
Robert Elliott
Rory McNulty
Rosa Mendoza Rivera
In honor of the Harris family, thanking them for giving me the opportunity to attend HNA, senior year, as an exchange student.
My Senior Year in HNA was a unique and great experience and gave me the basis for my future development as a person of Christian values.
Rosemary Gregory
In honor of Barbara Budd Denovan, class of 1960
I wish for every girl a great start in life and the opportunity to begin to develop all of her unique potential. The world needs more HNA girls.
Rosemary Principe
Rosie McDonagh
In honor of Rosemary Siderius
Ruth Cyra Larsen
SaSa Kirkpatrick
In memory of my dad, Louie Delorie
Loved attending HNA!!!
Sandra Nelson
Thank you for providing a platform for girls to excel.
Sandra Newton
In honor of Alberta B Ross Newton
Sandra Payton
Sandra Valko
In honor of Grandpa John Valko
Our granddaughter is happy and very motivated to do well at HNA!
Sara Derkacht Buri
In honor of Elizabeth Hickey DePalmo
Sarah Lovell
In honor of Mary Margaret Nally
Sarah Mansoori
Sarah McConville
Sarah McDonagh
Sarah Petersen
Sarah Rice
Sarah Todt
Sarette Albin
Thank you to everyone at HNA (past and present) for all you have done for our students and community!
Scott and Lisa Napoli O'Toole
Shantii Alas
Shayne Stevenson
Our thanks to everyone at Holy Names Academy for creating an unrivaled community of compassion and excellence for young women of all backgrounds, grounded in the eternal Truth. We are so grateful.
Si Daniels
Siri Herzog
Sister Dorothy Dees
Sister Rosemary Perisich
Stacey Kryman
Steven Gotanda
Sue Brennan
Wonderful community for both my daughters to experience their high school years. Great academic foundation and many lifelong friendships forged.
Sue Stevens Johnson
Susan Burr
In honor of Lenore Lestock Sherck
Holy Names Academy is a blessing: to have the best high school experience.
Suzanne Lewis
Suzanne Ropeta
Suzie Burke
Tangerine Trimarco (Wiggs)
In honor of my dad, Fred Wiggs, who served on the Parent Board and was a fierce supporter of Holy Names and its mission to empower women to lead with compassion and heart!
Tannis Golebiewski
Teresa Matt
Teresa O'Sullivan
Thanks to Holy Names for all they have done for our family!
Terra Milles
Tess Porter
HNA is the best! Much love from Washington DC!
Tha Win
HNA is a vital resource in our community, especially for our young women!
The fun one
In honor of Sr Rosemary
Theresa Gallant
In memory of Sister Ilene Clark
It’s a wonderful school!
Theresa Morgan
Thomas Swaner
We will always appreciate the fantastic education Lucia received at HNA. Onward Class of 2023! Go Cougars!!!
Thu Tran
I am who I am today because of HNA!
Tiffany Knapp
Tina Neiders
Tracey Stone
Celebrating the great teachers and students of HNA!
Tracy Morris
In Honor of HNA Teachers!
Tricia Johnson
In honor of Lizzie Davis (08) & Sarah Watson (10)
Trisha Ianello
Valerie Bromfield
Venetria Patton
All of my success is based on the strong HNA foundation.
Vera Patterson
Vivian Dusenbery
Walt & Marie Specht
Yolanda Newstrom
My granddaughter is enjoying the school and HNA is great opportunity for her to succeed and receive a wonderful religious education.
Yvonne Ringgenberg
Elizabeth kane
Jonete rehmke
In honor of Doris Moore
love being an alum
Karen wong
Kathleen Leach
Mary Radford
It was the best 4 years of my education. I met so many wonderful friends and loved the school spirit!!
Nino yuniardi & titania limanardja
William jack burk
I continue to support HNA because of the fantastic education they continue to provide. My two daughters graduated in 1994 and 1996 and I was a trustee until about 2003.
Continue to educate young women so that they become positive role models and leaders of our communities, country and the world!
In honor of the strong women in my family who attended HNA.
HNA has given so much to our daughter financially, spiritually, and, academically. You have built a strong minded woman that you and us as parents can be proud of. Thank you and God bless HNN!
So proud of who I’ve become due to the intentionality of community and academics from HNA. Cheering y'all on as you continue to empower young students in their leadership and impact.
It's a great school. Happy to support whatever I can.
I LOVED my time at HNA and hope others can enjoy it as much as I did.
Grateful that schools like HNA exist!
I cherished my time at HNA. The friends I made as a student continue to be some of my favorite people, and the skills I learned under the dome continue to shape my life every day.
In honor of Doris O’Connor
Go Cougars!
In honor of the women and girls of Afghanistan who are prohibited education beyond primary level.

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