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Abbe Ernstes, Senior Director of Advancement

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Abbe Ernstes
Go Irish!
Abby Hasbrook
Adam Miller
Alan Cerrie
In honor of Salvatore Cerrie
Aleasha Shipman
Amanda (Matthews) Archey
Amanda Uskert
As a Cathedral graduate, and now a Cathedral parent, I am continuously in awe of the tradition of excellence that Cathedral provides to its students.
Amy Mackey
Andrew and Emily McClure
Andy Baker
Angie (Sullivan) Pumper
In memory of Domonick Gentile
Angie Tyler
Anita Maude
In memory of Fr. Kelly
Aniyah Stevenson
Ann Leach
Ann Morrell
Cathedral High School has blessed both of our daughters with an amazing education filled with fun, love, understanding, encouragement and memories. Our family has enjoyed all 8 years. Can’t believe it’s wrapping up. ❤️☘️❤️☘️
Ann Wendroff
In honor of Jim & Jan Seidensticker
Anna Taul
We love Cathedral! Congratulations to the Class of 2024 - world changers on their way!
Anne-Marie Frazier
Annette & Mark Vassilo Parent
Annie Day Johnston
Annie Gregory
Arturo Granados
Cathedral helps form good Catholic Men and Women.
Ashlie Stallion
Audrey Neucks
Barbara Gushrowski
Barbara Quiett Smith
Proud alumni ‘69, parent ‘97 & ‘01, grandparent ‘20, ‘20, 23’ & 27.
Becky Bechtel
In honor of Lisa Ford
Love the Pride of the Irish and lifelong connections: even with parents!
Ben Allen
Beth Taylor
Beth, Shawn and Claire (‘20) Hunter
Thank you to the faculty and staff for creating a foundation for curiosity, exploration, expression and excellence to help students excel in the classroom and beyond. Go Irish!☘️
Betsy Williams
As an alumni and parent, I am so proud of the values and traditions that Cathedral High School represents.
Bill Barneclo
Bill Shover
Billy Mattingly
In honor of Maureen Sullivan
Bob & Cherie Harvey
Bob Koers
Proud to be Irish!!
Bonnie FusonPerrySmith
In honor of Our son Sam Perry, Class of 1996
Grateful for Cathedral HS!
Brad Battin
Keep up the good work!
Braden Beasley
Brenda McNulty Conroy
In honor of Leo '44 and Mickey McCarty SAA '48 McNulty, Pat McNulty '69
Brian Gross
Go Irish!
Brian Stratman
Bridget Martin
Bridget McDaniel
Bridget O’Hara Jensen
In memory of Chris Beaty
Brittany Hizer
In honor of Chris Beaty
Brittany Williamson
Brothers of Holy Cross
Bryan Loiselle
Bryan and Christy (Matthews) Bailey ‘91
Bryce Jacobs
Buffy Johnson
Cardoza-Manzano Family
Proud to be a part of the Cathedral legacy! Go Irish!
Carl (Rocky) Rice
Carmen Hansen-Bjork
Carol Stephens
In honor of Ed and Joan Knych
In memory of Ed and Joan Knych
Carolina Melean Rashidfarokhi
Go Irish!
Carrie O'Brien
Caryl Houghton
Catherine Michael
Catherine and Christopher Horn
In memory of Joseph F. and Yolanda Dezelan
Cathy (Cohoat) & Matt Wysocki
Chad & Hayley Wiltermood
Go Irish! ☘️
Chad Sukurs
Chantel Padgett
Charles Renie
Charlie Smith
Chris & Mary Beth Branson
Chris Nancrede
Chris Sedoris
Go Irish!!!
Chris Tyler
Chris and Clarice McCauley
Christian & Amie Browning
In honor of Danny Weed
Christian Heuer
Christina Rhodes
CHS laid a great foundation for my future success!
Christina Ugo
Christopher Hansen
Chuck Dodge
Coby Mansell
Would like to support Cathedral for our daughter
Colleen Renie
Colleen Stine
Connor Helmen
Courtney Brandvik
Courtney Lashenik
Cynthia Davis
In honor of Jim Becher '69, Chris Beaty '00
Go Irish!
Dan Doll
In memory of Bro. George Kovatch
Daniel McGinley
Daniel Miller
In honor of Arthur & Winifred MIller
Darah S Farrar
Dave Worland
In memory of Fr. Pat Kelly
David Bego
My Grandson Jackson Simerly will start at Cathedral this fall!
David Cathcart
David Kasberg
Class of ‘82 Rocks!
David Petroff
In honor of The Petroff and Curry Families
Parents who showed us the importance of share our good fortune
DeAnna Woodruff
Deb Panos
In honor of My dad William Booker Class of '38 and my Uncles Norb Booker '40 and Daniel Patrick '58
We honor the legacy of Cathedral and we build the future of continued excellence!
Debbie Johnston
Debra Wiseman
Denis Moriarty
1971 graduate. Remember most of it fondly. Go Irish!
Denise Farrell
Dennis and Angela Barlow
In honor of Josh and Kayla Barlow
So proud of you! Love you much!
Desiree Dimond
Diana Cardoza
Dianne Glaser
Dina Sullivan
In honor of Chris Beaty
Don Jonrs
Junior Alex Jones .. a great Cathedral bowler ! And a great grandson ..
Donielle Neal
Dr. Lynn Powers
Drew and Lina Parr
Best school in Indy!
Dru Sexson
Eddie Keever
Eddie Stephens
In memory of Ed & Joan Knych
Edith Almonte
Go Irish!
Elesia Hines
Elliot Gray
Educating Hearts & Minds in the Holy Cross tradition! Go Irish!
Emily Caito Yeadon
Emily Reuhs
Emily Sexson
Emily and Jack Meyer
Go Cathedral! Much love to the classes of 2000 and 2001 ☘️
Eric & Catherine Allen
Eric Olson
Great experience for our daughter - love the family feel!
Eric Saunders
LETS GOOOO! Knock it out the park!
Erin Coleman
Erin Coleman
Erin Dorsey
Erin Lewis
Erin and Harry Wissler Gerdes
Eugene Murray
In memory of Mike Thibault, Scott Paris, and John McCormick
Cathedral has been a blessing to me and my family in many ways.
Fr. Meinrad Brune
Frances Gillihan
Gara Schommer
Gary and Elizabeth Johnson
Gene Murray
In honor of Mr. Ken Kaufman
We love the Kaufman family
Gia Peduto
Go Irish! ☘️
Gilbert Durham
Forever grateful for my opportunity to attend this school. Paying it forward to help others to share in this experience. Proud to be IRISH!
Grace Trahan-Rodecap
Thank you to Cathedral's educators for transforming my children, Nick and Rachel, into the outstanding scholars they are today! I am forever grateful, forever Irish!
Gracie (Deery) Oakley
Greg Bamrick
Greg Wasiak
Gregg and Lori Gallant
Gretchen Codd
Haley Cutler
Harry John (Jack) Watson
Heather Wilcox
In honor of John Hannan, former "Megaphone" advisor
Mr. Hannan's invitation to work on the Megaphone my junior year literally changed the course of my life; thanks to the interest he sparked, I have been a working editor since the week after I graduated from college in 1998! I met my now-husband at the first publishing job I had; our son, Sam, is currently a sophomore at CHS. Excellent and attentive teachers change lives!
Isiah Morgan
Jack Stephens
James Cloud
James Conlu
James F. Kenney
James Maguire
Go Irish👍☘️
James O'Hara
In honor of Mike Webb
Jared Danilson
Jason Bakemeyer
In memory of Nicole Armstrong
Jason Chechitelli
Jason Schnellenberger
Jason and Kristin McClellan
In memory of Stephen Kyle McNulty
Jean Smith
In memory of Chris Beaty '00 & Mario McCullough
Jeanne Wehner
Jeff Fleak
Jeff/Penii Plunkitt
In honor of The Irish Tailgate
Jenn Mcguinness
Jennifer Adisa
In memory of Chris Beaty ‘00
Jennifer Dye
Jennifer Eichler ‘96
Jennifer Neale
Jennifer Norton, Norton Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm, LLC
Jennifer Schnieders
Jennifer Weed
In memory of Danny Weed '93
Keeping the spirit of Danny Weed alive through my donation to Cathedral. Let's go Irish!
Jenny Herron
Cathedral is a wonderful place to be! Thank you for 17 years of joy, faith, and wisdom.
Jerry and Jacque McNulty
Jessica Bricking
Jill Lindgren
Proud to be part of the Irish Family!❤️
Jim '91 and Christine Koers
Jim Rapp
Jim and Jeanne Malone
In memory of Jimmy Malone
Jim and Karen Beeson
Jimmy Cohoat
In honor of Joe
Jodi Monroe
Go Irish! ☘️❤️☘️
Joe Dezelan
In honor of Tony Dezelan
Joe Fulnecky
Joe Lorenzano
In honor of Frank Weber Class of 1941
Joe Pettygrove
Go Irish!
John & Paige Shelbourne
John Adams
John Brennan
John Crisp
In honor of Margie Crisp
John Keller
In honor of Riley Keller
We love you Riley!!
Jonathan Buechler
Jonathan Horn
In honor of Papa Joe Dezelan
Jordan Fox
Go Irish!!!
Julian Harrell
In honor of Teri Kraft
Eternally grateful for the incalculable impact that Cathedral has made in my life experience - and Teri made that possible with her generosity and intentionality more than 20 years ago. Dear old Cathedral, here’s to you!
Julie Barthel
Julie Harkness Arnold
Julie McClellan Sprinkle
Julie Schnell McGuire
Justin Hiott
Blessed to be part of the legacy. Keep moving mountains while making lasting impacts.
Justin Johnson
Justina Welch
I am a Cathedral alumni, as was my Dad. Bill Welch was the Business Manager for several years and loved the school and the students.
Kamia Jackson
Thank you for how you support the students, their families and the greater community with academic excellence and Christian leadership!
Kamryn Smith
In honor of my momma, Jean Smith. She does so much and loves Cathedral.
Karen Hovanec
Karen Kress
Karrie Harper
Katherine Oberhill
Kathleen McNulty
In memory of Dave McNulty
Kathleen Nill
Proud to be a part of the Cathedral Community. Go Irish!!
Kathleen Steiger
Kathryn Landis Kutan
Kathy McCullough
In honor of The band and the math department
Katie Hofmann
Katie Kauffman
In honor of Danny Weed
Katie Lewis
Katie Pastorino
Kay Neal
Keith & Siobhan Minch
Keith Bowman
Kelly Kirch
Kelly Monaghan Parker
Kelly Panzer
Kelly Simerly
Ken Hughes
Kennedy Smith
Kevin Kervan
Kevin and Susan Gregory
Kim Tekippe
Kimberly Blanchet
Kourtney Steppe
Kristi Steppe
Kyle Hughes
Kyle Mates
Proud ‘05 alum and coach for the lacrosse team for 11 years. Go Irish
Kyle McGrath
Lance Worland
Landscape Solutions
Larry Smith
Proud of Cathedral High School!
Latasha Ashby
Latefe Trobridge
Go Irish!
Lauren Hughes
Lauren Robertson
Laurie McCormick Cassetty
In honor of John McCormick
Laurie OBrien
Lee Larkins
Tyelle Collins
Lesley (Chiasson) Hall
Lesley Bertrand
Lila Edwards
Lisa Blamey
Lisa Dahling
Lisa Jarrett
In memory of Bernie Broderick
Lisa Kinnett
Liza Espinosa
Lynn Kinslow (Smith)
In memory of Chris Beaty ‘00
Makaley Estridge
Mandy Long
Marc and Katy Quigley
Marguerite Loiselle
Marian Bender
Mariani Family
Maribeth Cloud
Mark Matthews
Mark O’Hara
Mark and Deb Lindemood
Go Irish
Mary Ann White
Mary Dunbar
I like to support my great grandchildrens’ Christian education.
Mary Leppert
In honor of Chris Beaty
Mary Rose (Asher) Correa
Once you spend 4 years on The Hill, your heart is always there! 💚
Maryanne O’Brien
Marybeth Morris
Matt & Megan Helmen ‘86
Matt Abriani
Matt Cohoat
Matthew Barra
Matthew Gregory
Matthew Symons
Matthew and Kelley (Leyden) Elliott
Maura Wissler
Maureen Betts
Megan Caress
Megan Greive
Go Irish!
Megan Schmidt
We love Cathedral - it's students, it's staff, it's Holy Cross values, and God's presence within this place. Go Irish!!
Megan krisiloff
Michael J Kane
Michael Mann
Michael Mayer
Michael Murphy
Michelle Taylor
Go Irish! ☘️
Mike Cunningham Hon. 98
Mike Fleming
Mike Flood
Mike and Laura Farrell
In honor of Chris Beaty ‘00. #LIVELIKECHRIS
Mitchell & Heather Lyons
In honor of Nayla @ Mazzy
Mollie Love
Molly Knapp
Molly Stubbs
Monica Anton
Morgan (Cobb) Majeski
Myranda Annakin
Nadina Edwards
As a family, we support Cathedral for the diversity of teaching, learning experiences and support provided to ensure all students have an opportunity to maximize their individual greatness!
Najla Munshower
Nicholas Crabtree
Nick & Natalie Torres
In memory of Mike Feeney
In loving memory of Mike Feeney!
Nick Dellen
Nick Lyons
Nicole Beasley
Class of 1998 ☘️ Back 2 back spirit stick champs!!
Nicole Keeylen
Nicole Pike
Nika Prather
In honor of Our granddaughters
We are so grateful for Cathedral’s exceptional academic opportunities and the Christian environment they promote.
Nolan Bernard
Believe in the mission
Patricia Werle
In memory of Mike Feeney
Patrick Moriarty
In honor of Patrick F Moriarty, Class of 1943
Pete Ugo
Quinn Coleman
Blessings on blessings to CHS!
Rachael “Fox” Schroeder
Rich and Michelle Forslund
Richard Kranzfelder
Richard Shadiow
Rita O'Malia
Rob & Kathy Lain
Robert D Hoppes
Robert Kouril
Robin Shannon
Robyn Lugar
In honor of Rita Neu
My late mother loved the Theater Department productions. She was so proud of her granddaughter, the Theater Director Mrs. Jordan Fox, and the amazing performances by students. This donation is made in her honor and memory.
Rose Mullen
Ruth Baltimore
In honor of Alexandra Rose Glenn
Ryan Glaser
Ryan Williams
Class of ‘91
Ryan and Renea Johnson
Proud to be Irish!
Samantha Schwartz
Sara Koehler
Sarah Appleton
Sarah Hofmann
Sarah Jean Watson
Sarah Jean Watson
In honor of Eileen Watson '99
In memory of Eileen Watson '99
Scott Peterson
Sean Fahey
Sean Matthews
Shannon Campbell
Class of 1998 alumni. Parent of class of 2026
Shannon Everly
In memory of Dave McNulty
Shelley Jones
This one is for Marian Bender and the amazing choir program!!!
Sherry Gormley Crane
In memory of my father Dr. Joseph Gormley '42
self: Ladywood St Agnes Alumna 1971
Stephen Hill
In honor of Conor Quinn 98
Susan Farren
Our grandson loves the summer sports camps and hopes to one day attend Cathedral.
Suzy Joyce
Tai Jackson
My family and I appreciate Cathedral’s staff and faculty for all they do. Thank you!
Tameka ONeal
Tanisha Webster
Forever grateful love CHS blessings on blessings
Terry Kariuki-Victor
Keep up your excellent achievements.
The Maciag Family
The Marshalleck Family
Thank you Cathedral for the Holy Cross values and Community that serve our students
Tim Connor
In honor of Connor Family
Go Irish!!! Thanks for the wonderful educations!!
Tim Masheck
Tina Carter
Go Irish
Toch & Ekene Iloabuchi
Todd Pettigrew
Tracey Jones
We Love Cathedral
Tracy Dastour
Go Irish!
Tyler McClure
Vicki Armstrong
Vickie McGrady
Virginia Knies
Walsh Family
William Davidson
In honor of Jim Durbin
Willie Gholston
Irish 4 Life!
Amber tarr
Christina gormal
Jack redmond
Kara tappel
Kathleen obrien
In honor of William and Betty O'Brien
Go Irish and Go Colin! Continue to shine and display your talents at Cathedral. Love you!
Liz wickstrom
In honor of xoxocb
Matthew davis
‘91 forever, Baby!!
Go Irish
With her leading, we will not tire.
Witnessing greatness grow!
In memory of Robert V Welch
Thank you for all you do for our students! Go Irish!

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