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Abbe Ernstes
In honor of The class of 2022
Abigail Beasley
In honor of Mary and Mallory
Alexa Hornak
Alexandra & Andrew Rodman & Family
Go Irish!
Alexandria Hyche
Allison Sukurs
Allyne O’Shea
Amanda Opperman
Amanda Uskert
As a Cathedral grad and now a Cathedral parent, I know and appreciate the the value of a Cathedral education. I am supporting the administration, staff, students, and the future of Cathedral High School..
Amy Clark
Amy Pickrel (O’Malia)
Amy Weber
Andrew Christiansen
Andrew Spencer
Go Irish!!!
Angela Hobson
In honor of David Birge ‘Dobbs’ Hobson
Angie Tyler
Anita Auiett
Go Irish!
Ann Morrell
Anna Marie Fish Burrell
Anna Taul
In honor of The Class of 2022
Go Irish!!!☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️
Anne Marie Browning
Anne Peach
In honor of Johnna Clegg
Annie Day Johnston
Annie Gregory
Anthony & Lauren Ayers
Thank you for all you do for our children.
Audrey Neucks
In memory of Dick Nuttall
Autumn Martin
Go Irish!!!!!
BRAVAS Indianapolis
Barbara smith
Becky Bechtel
In honor of Kathy McCullough
Kathy is a most dedicated teacher and the amazing director of The Pride of the Irish!
Ben Pawelak
Beth Taylor
Beth and Shawn Hunter
Betner Family
Go Irish!!
Betsy Kinder
Thank you Cathedral!
Bill and Marnie Flanary
Grandkids are fourth generation at Cathedral
Blake Morris
Great school and great people.
Bob & Katie Koers
Bob Harvey
Braden Beasley
Go irish
Brenda Smith
I have numerous family members that attended Cathedral so I am a big supporter of Cathedral.
Brendan McCormick
Brian Funk
Brian Gross
One hell of a muffin
Bridget Hoelzel
Bridget Westerfield
Brittany Williamson
Go Irish! Proud to support this amazing school!
Brothers of Holy Cross, Midwest Province
We believe in the mission of the school and believe it is being lived every day.
Buffy Johnson
Cathedral has had a positive impact for my children and myself.💚🍀
Caitlin McGrath
In honor of Lucy and Merrin O’Hara
Carl 'Rocky' Rice
Carol Knych Stephens
Proud of all that Cathedral has done for my family and love to share this gift with others.
Caroline Temple
In honor of Jen Maginot
If you can be anything - be kind.
Carrie OBrien
Carter McClure
Cathedral Golf
Catherine Haigerty
Greatness is Calling
Catherine and Matthew Wysocki
For our future Cathedral Grad Class of 2040!
Cathy Guye Martin
Cathy Horn
Charles Beyer
Charles Renie
Charles Warren
My grandson Seth Warren...a Freshman 👍🏻
Charlton Browning
Chelsey Reichart
Go Irish!
Chris & Liza Dittoe
Chris & Mary Beth Branson
Chris Carlyle
Chris Sedoris
Chris Tyler
Chris and Clarice McCauley
Christian Lo
In honor of Class of 2022
Christina Rhodes
Cathedral will always be dear to my heart and I am thankful for how my high school years prepared me for my future.
Christina Ugo
In memory of Joan Knych
Thank you mom for instilling in us the importance of a Catholic Education! Go Irish! #Classof93
Christine Novak
Christine and Larry Lo
Christopher Hansen
Christy Matthews ‘91 Bailey
Lifelong Connections
Chuck Dodge
Cindy Smith
Clare Sheddy
Coby Mansell
Cody Johnson
Colleen O’Brien-Teasley
Grateful to be part of the Cathedral family!☘️💚☘️
Colleen Stine
Connor Helmen
In honor of John McCormick
G’Irish!!! WOOT WOOT
Courtney Lashenik
Class of ‘93!!! Let’s Go!!
Crystal Thorpe
Go Irish! Keep excelling!
Cynthia Davis
D. Christopher Gill
down payment
Danny Goggans
In memory of Austin Kendrick
Darah Farrar
Darnella Brown
In honor of Brother Roy Smith ‘61
Cathedral a true testament of educating training and preparing our youth in the ways that they should go to be successful in their life endeavors
Dave & Aileen Adams
Because Dave Worland asked.
Dave Taylor
Dave Worland
In honor of Fr. Pat Kelly
Love the Cathedral Irish ☘️💚!
David Nevins
I love this school and have enjoyed my freshman year so far!
David Zaun
In honor of Matthew Zaun
Cathedral has been a good choice for our grandson!
Dawn Dinwiddie
DeAnna Woodruff
Denise Farrell
Cathedral is truly a place of Lifelong Connections!! GO IRISH!! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
Dennis OHara
Love the class of 1983
Donna Monaghan
In honor of my granddaughter Kyley Estridge- class of 2022.
Dorothy Miller
Doug Zumdome
Drews and Pisacanes
Eddie Keever
Edward L. Holloran III & Tara L. Holloran, M.D.
The Hill is one of the most special places in our great state, country. Go ☘️
Elaine Bolton
Elaine Stitle
In honor of Taylor Lewis
Elizabeth Cox
In honor of class of '24 - almost upperclassman!
Elizabeth Finn
Emily Caito Yeadon
In memory of Ryan Thrapp
Emily Reuhs
Emily Sexson
Go Irish ☘️
Emily and Jack Meyer
Eric Marasco
Go Irish!
Eric Salzmann
In honor of Gordon Salzmann Class of 1942
In Loving Memory of Hank's Grandfather. Go Irish!!!
Erica Hilgefort
Erika Rowe
Erin Coleman
Way to go class of ‘22!
Erin Coleman
Supporting future Irish - Evan Coleman; prayerfully class of ‘27!
Erin Dorsey
In honor of CHS Staff!
Erin Lewis
Erin Mcnulty
Erin Wissler Gerdes
In honor of Beth Wissler and enrollment team
For all of her hard work to make Cathedral a welcoming and supportive place for future classes
Francis and Stephanie Marshalleck
Gara Schommer
Gatto Family
One Strong Family 🍀
Geno Witchger
In honor of SKMcNulty and JSmitty70
George Speckman
Gia Peduto
Go Irish!☘️
Gilbert Durham
Grace Trahan-Rodecap
I love the transformation that has happened in the past four years with my senior! God bless Cathedral High School!
Grant Rhodes
Gregory Bamrick
Gretchen Witt
Hans & Jackie Kollinger
It is so important to let our children and grandchildren know that their faith is part of their everyday life not just for Sundays.
Hayley Wiltermood
Heather Graham and Phil Mosey
Go Irish!
Heidi Carnahan
Hilda Sosa
This school has made a great impact on my grandson, Thank you
Holly Mencer
Howard Fogel
In memory of Mario McCullough
Howard Fogel
In honor of Class of 2022
So proud of our senior class. You have persevered and left your mark!
Love the continued support of family, teachers/staff, alumni and friends! Thanks for all you do to support the kids of Cathedral.
James Cloud
James Koers
Cathedral has been an integral part of my life. It has benefited my entire family and helped set us onto successful life journeys. Go Irish!!.
James McGinley
James Mulvaney
James O'Hara
Go Lucy and Merrin O'Hara
Janine Burkhart
Jared and Alivia Danilson
Jason and Anne Marie Moyars
Jason and Kristin McClellan
In memory of Stephen and Brad McNulty
Jaylen Johnson
Jean Smith
In memory of Mario McCullough & Chris Beaty ‘00
Jeanie Shin
In honor of Mary Ann White, Howard Fogel, Beth Wissler
Jeff Fleak
Jeff Plunkitt
Jeff Wheeler
Just a great school with great traditions, academics, faculty, alumni, sports and student body. Go Irish!
Jeffrey Emmick
Jen Neale
Jenni Alexander
Jennifer Goldenberg
Jennifer Seltzer
Jennifer Weed
In memory of Danny Weed '93
Cathedral has a special place in my family's heart and is definitely where we call home!
Jennifer and Andy Reeves
Jessica Collins
In honor of Jim Becher
Jessica Nettleton
Jill Lindgren
Happy to support the ongoing , rich traditions of Cathedral High School!
Jim Matthews
Jim Szeszycki
In honor of John Wagner 83
Remembering Wags…. 🙏🙏
Jo Cavanaugh
Joe Broecker
Joe Lorenzano
In honor of Frank Weber Class of 1941
John & Paige Shelbourne
John Davis
Keep doing the "good" things.
John Foreman
In honor of Louise Foreman
Thx Anna Taul for posting…. Thx Phyllis
John Haigerty
Go Irish!
John Schroeder
Lifelong Friends!
John Sullivan
Jon Kane
Jon-Adam & Catherine Michael
Jonathon & Megan Bannister
Jorge and Marcia Hadad
Joseph Dezelan
Josh Noblet
Joyce Huntington
Julie Barthel
Cathedral changes lives!🍀
Julie Pratt
Julie Tomich
Justin Hiott
Justin Sage
Kamryn Smith
In honor of my momma!
Karen Beeson
Karen Hovanec
Yay to the Class of '22!!!
Karina Bruns
Kathleen Lupke
In honor of Shannon Hall
Kathleen Steiger
Kathryn O’Neil
Kathryn Pivonka
In honor of All of my students from 2005-2025
Kathy Dapper
Katie Lewis
Katie Pastorino
Katy Quigley
Katy Wolf
Keith and siobhan Minch
Kelly Devine curtis
Kelly Estridge
Kelly Herron
Kelly Kramer
Kelly Panzer
Kelly Simerly
Kelsey Bailey
Kendall Family
Kennedy Smith
In honor of my big sister, Kamryn Smith!
Kerry Rogers
Kim Tekippe
Kimberly Hanson
Kirk Medders
Kristen and Jake Zupancic
Kristin Lewis
Kurt Freytag
Go Irish!!! -Coach Freytag
Kurt and Sara Koerwitz
Go Irish!
Kyle Hughes
Kyle McGrath
L Carroll
Lance Worland
Larry Smith
Latefe Trobridge
Go Irish☘️
Laura Braswell
Lauren Keisler
Lauren Kriner
In honor of the class of '97 and the amazing Cathedral connections that last a lifetime!
Lauren Kyle
Lauren Zink
In honor of Nicole Beasley, who works tirelessly to make Cathedral the best it can be
Leah Carroll
Lee Roseman
Lesley Bertrand
Linda Hammel
My girls' experience at Cathedral directly contributed to their healthy approach to family life, job success and life in general.
Lisa Jarrett
In honor of Cathedral Faculty and Staff
Lisa Steele
Lisa Timberman
I love atmosphere and the tradition and the core values that Cathedral instills into our young adults. Connections for life is a real thing that happens in this community.
Liz Peter
We are grateful for the learning, experiences and community of Cathedral! Go Irish!
Lynn Kinslow
Lynn Mervis
Lynn Powers
Lynne Perfetti
Thanks to all the staff for your expert teaching and understanding of each individual students needs.
Makaley Estridge
Maria Dickman
Maribeth Cloud
Best place to work, practice my faith and witness the transformation of our students!
Mario Massillamany
Mario Massillamany ‘96 Jackson Massillamany ‘26 Sullivan Massillamany ‘29
Mark & Blair Bego
Mark Cline
Go Irish Class of 2024!
Mark Matthews
Mark Owensby
Mark and Deb Lindemood
In memory of Edie Ernstes
Mark and Pattie Ward
Martha Graham
Mary Dunson
In honor of Kevin Dunson
Mary Hedrick
In honor of Mrs. Beasley
Cathedral is great. Especially Mrs. Beasley
Mary Kate Temple
In honor of Jen Maginot
Be kind
Mary Kelly Mahoney
In honor of Dan Nickolich
Dan and I both were beneficiaries of scholarships.
Mary Smith
Mary Susan Buhner
Thank you, Cathedral Educators, for changing the hearts and minds of our students! Go Irish! ☘️
Mary Walsh
Maryanne & Tim O’Brien
Matt and Margaret Langfeldt
Maura Wissler
To the Cathedral family
Maureen Betts
McDonnell Family
Meg Hoefle Faulkner
In honor of Jen Maginot
If you can be anything be kind!! Go Irish!! 💚☘
Megan Schmidt
We love Cathedral!
Megan/Bill Bissmeyer
Melissa Haley
Go Irish 🍀
Melissa Owensby
Melissa Pac
Melissa Pac
Mia Black
Michelle Daley
In memory of Glendys Moosbrugger
Miss one of my favorite Irish ladies. May her love of work for Cathedral continue.
Michelle Self
Michelle Taylor
Go Irish! ☘️
Mike J Hannigan Jr
Confirmed with Nichole BEASLEY
Missy Lewis Deeter
Mitchell Lyons and Heather Gastineau-Lyons
Molly Stubbs
Monica Anton
Myra and Thomas Mariani
Natalie Zaun
Nick Dellen
Nick Lyons
Nick Torres
In honor of Bob
Nicole Beasley
Nikki Henson
Go Irish!🍀
Page Gomez
Pamela Saucerman
Amazing school with so much to offer any student attending!! Keep up the awesome work!!
Pamela Saucerman
Patricia Werle
Patrick Beidelman
Paula Glover
Pete Ugo
Phyllis J Hays Hays
In honor of John Marion and James Anthony Taul
Even though they love playing on the football field, they will love the new playground too.
Polly Bonacuse
Quinn Coleman
Keep pressing toward greatness class of ‘25!
R James Alerding
In memory of John McCormick
Rachel Y
Go Irish!
Regina Cross
Rhonda Hardin
Rich Bassi
Rich and Michelle Forslund
Richard Siepka
Rick Pfleger
Rick Spalding
In honor of Mike Spalding 67'
Rita O’Malia
Rob & Kathy Lain
Robert & Elizabeth Koehne
Proud parents of Cathedral HS graduates
Rolly Landeros
What we listen is more true that what we see
Rosie/Mike Houk
In honor of David Houk
Keep this school improving
Roy Ward
Ryan Brammer
In honor of Matt Schnorr '59
Matt helped the Fighting Irish and Trojans secure a tee time at Pleasant Run when we needed one in a hurry after a venue change - Thanks Matt!!!!
Ryan Hasbrook
In honor of Amy Hasbrook
Lets have a great day, Nicole and Abbe!
Ryan Kelly
Sam Iam
In honor of Allan McCauley
Sara A Bozzelli-Levine
In memory of Frances and Nicholas Bozzelli
Sarah Jean Watson
Sean Delaney
Great job!
Sebastian Ewald
In honor of Our sweet Prince, Harambe
Sebastian Ewald
In honor of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, avatar of saint javelin
Sebastian Ewald
In honor of Harvey Milk
Shane and Angie Smith
Shannon (Strange) Temples
Shannon Branciforte
Shannon Everly
In honor of Dave McNulty
Shannon Gurzynski-Campbell
Class of 1998
Sharon Coble
Sheila Brown
Shelley Bethel
We love Cathedral!
Sherry Gormley Crane
In Memory of my Dad. Sherry Ladywood '71
Shira Dancy
Stacia Davis
Steve & Kim Jamell
For our Cathedral family!!
Steve Dillon
Steve and Kim Czachura
Suzanne Grannan & Dustin Brann
Tanya Haas
Taylor Lewis
Teresa Clay
Every minute we have matters.❤️
Teresa Day
Terra Fox
The A’Hearn Family
Cathedral is an amazing place that turns friends into family for life!! Go Irish!!🍀💗
The Fitzsimons Family
The Jamell Family ❤️
Tiana Jessup
Tiffani Leffel
Tim Peterson
Timothy Beloat
Tina FlowersMiller
Cathedral has given my son so much that he will carry in life that there is no monetary amount that will ever repay what he gained! Thank you to all
Tochukwu & Ekene Iloabuchi
Tom Hornak
Tony Alerding
In honor of Michael P. Alerding
Lifetime connections.
Tory Callaghan Castor
Tracey Gillespie
Thanks for all you do to educate the next generation!!
Trish Mong
Tyler McClure
08 is great
Verna Schneider
Veronica Chapman
Victoria Temple
Thank you Cathedral for all you do to shape young women and men in the Holy Cross tradition!
William Mattingly
CHS '99
William Wojcieszek
In honor of The Cathedral graduating class of 2022
William and Eleanor Hagenow
Willie Gholston
Irish For Life
Wonda Kimble
Anna arduini
In honor of number two - always in our hearts
D w
Jenny Hedge
Jin cho
Miyanah perry
In honor of the Irish Adrenaline Show Choir and Marian Bender
It's our family's school, and continues to do an excellent job for families in central Indiana!

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Jaylen JohnsonAlumni ’20
Supported 3 months ago
John Foreman
Supported 3 months ago
In honor of Louise Foreman
Thx Anna Taul for posting…. Thx Phyllis
Shannon (Strange) TemplesAlumni ’93
Supported 3 months ago
Angela HobsonParent ’15, ’18, ’22
Supported 3 months ago
In honor of David Birge ‘Dobbs’ Hobson
Eric SalzmannParent ’23
Supported 3 months ago
In honor of Gordon Salzmann Class of 1942
In Loving Memory of Hank's Grandfather. Go Irish!!!
Lisa JarrettParent ’22
Supported 3 months ago
In honor of Cathedral Faculty and Staff
Jon KaneFaculty/Staff
Supported 3 months ago
Anna Marie Fish BurrellAlumni ’88
Supported 3 months ago
Matt and Margaret LangfeldtParent ’22, ’24
Supported 3 months ago
Lynne Perfetti
Supported 3 months ago
Thanks to all the staff for your expert teaching and understanding of each individual students needs.

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Breakfast and Lunch for a week for our food-insecure students

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3 bags of Mulch for our Irish Blessings Playground

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To assist in the planned upgrade of the sound system in the Welch Activity Center

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Equipment for Johnny Mac’s Coffeehouse

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