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All Out Irish Day of Giving 2023

All Out Irish Day

Abbe Ernstes, Senior Director of Philanthropy

Supporters across the USA

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Abbe Ernstes
Abby Hasbrook
Adam Miller
Alex Pena
Aly Weaver
Alyssa Thompson
Alumni and parent Class of 2024! ☘️💚
Amanda Uskert
Without tuition assistance, I would not have been able to attend Cathedral High School. I am forever grateful for my experiences at Cathedral, and having my daughter there now, I truly appreciate it even more. I am happy to have the opportunity to give back.
Amy Merrill
Amy Weber
Go Irish!!
Amy and Micah Taylor
Go IRISH! Such a positive experience for all our kids!☘️☘️☘️💙💚💛
Andrew Autajay
Andrew Stutzman
Andy and Jennifer Reeves
Angie Tyler
Ann Morrell
Anna Taul
In honor of the Class of 2023 - Go Irish!!!!! ☘️
Anna Tobias
Annie Day Johnston
Ashlie Stallion
Aubrie Wright
Ava Stevens
Barbara Quiett Smith
Barbara Quiett Smith
In honor of My amazing daughters
Ben Allen
Beth Taylor
Betsy Williams
In memory of those classmates who graduated with us in 1990 who we lost too soon
Betsy and Joel Cox
Bill Barneclo
Great school
Bill and Megan Bissmeyer
Billy, Sarah, and Abby Mattingly
Braden Beasley
Go Irish!
Brian Funk
Brian and Myranda Annakin
Bridget McDaniel
Brittany Hizer
In honor of Chris Beaty ‘00 Endowed Fund
In honor of Chris Beaty ‘00 who loved Cathedral 💚💙
Brittany Williamson
Bryan Fulford
In honor of Class of 1992 alums no longer with us.
Proud to be an alum. Keep inspiring greatness in the young people of Indianapolis and Central Indiana. God bless and GO IRISH!
Buffy Johnson
Camaron & Jenna Beard
Candy Riggins
Carl Rice
Carol Knych Stephens
I realized yesterday while driving my nephew down the hill… I have been going up THE HILL for 48 years!. I love Cathedral HS. Go Irish!
Caroline Temple
Carrie Klene
Because it’s been too long
Carrie O'Brien
Proud to be a part of the Cathedral family!
Caryl Houghton
Casey Keller
In honor of Riley and Dylan!
Catherine Wysocki
Chad & Hayley Wiltermood
Chad Sukurs
This is the best high school in the State of Indiana! Help support Cathedral so that they can keep it up!!!
Charlene Wilson-Wilder
Charles Beyer
Charlie Smith
In honor of Jean Smith '97
Cheryl Nolan
Chloe Cox
Chris Gill
Chris Sedoris
Chris and Clarice McCauley
Christina Rhodes
I am thankful to CHS for the great 4 years of academics that she provided in my life!
Christina Ugo
Go Irish!☘️
Christine Weiland
Go Irish!
Christopher Hansen
Chuck Dodge
Cindy Sales
Colleen Junkins
Colleen Maples
Colleen O'Brien-Teasley
Colleen O’Malia Stine
Irish forever and for always ☘️💙💛
Courtney Herlihy
Current Students
Daisy Jane Andersen
Dale Speckman
Daniel Goggans
In honor of Austin “AK” Kendrick ‘17
Dave Worland
David & Laura Cathcart
David Petroff
As a graduate, a parent of 3 graduates and grandparent of 3 grandchildren who one who will be a junior, I feel compelled to help others accomplish their goals.
David Tillis
Dawn Dinwiddie
Dearbhla Delaney
Debbie Johnston
Denise Farrell
In honor of Nicole Beasley ‘98 and Michael Farrell ‘00
So proud of how our alumni support our school!
Dennis & Angela Barlow
In honor of Kayla ('21) and Joshua ('24) Barlow
Destinee Jordan
Diamond Troutman
Diana Cardoza
Dominique Smith
Cathedral is the best job I’ve ever had! I am so blessed to work at this school with my mom and have my daughter attend with me. The students and staff here are truly gifts from God to me and I thank Him everyday for putting me at this school!
Donielle Neal
Dosha Combs
Doug & Trina Zumdome
Edwin Locke
Elaine Bolton
Alumni proud! Life changing experience for 2 generations! Thanks
Elizabeth and Scott Bearby
Ellie Dinwiddie
Emily Caito Yeadon
Emily Reuhs
Emily Sexson
Emily and Jack Meyer
Erika Rowe
Erin Coleman
Erin Dorsey
Erin Wissler Gerdes
In honor of Paul Wissler
Eugene Murray
In honor of Scott Paris, Kevin McCarthy, Kim Hadley, Mike Thibault, Scott Pearcy, John MCormick
Go Irish
Evan Reichart
Helping others like they helped us.
Faulkner Meg
Franco Dattilo
Gara Schommer
Gene Witchger
George Thorne
In honor of Class of 1990 members no longer with us
Gia Peduto
Go Irish! ☘️
Gina Gibau
In memory of Roberta Sanchez and Guilhermina Da Rocha Gibau
Grace Trahan-Rodecap
In honor of Nick and Rachel Rodecap
Greg Bamrick
Gretchen Witt
In honor of Patricia Ruckelshaus
Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work. Go Irish!
Harry John (Jack) Watson
Heather Bolejack
Cathedral embraced our son, Sterling Smith as a Senior transfer student. Sterling’s life has been transformed by the people and experiences at Cathedral. He is truly living his best life because Cathedral inspires, pushes, and supports him to be a leader. Our hearts are full and we are forever grateful to Cathedral. Go ☘️
Heidi Carnahan
Hilda Sosa
This school has been a wonderful success in educating my grandson.
Howard Fogel
In honor of Class of 2023
Thank you to the Class of 2023 for allowing me to teach your last lesson on campus before you walk across the stage. #keep your fork
Howard Fogel
In honor of CHS Choirs and FB/LAX programs
J Victoria Castor
Jack Lashenik
Jack Stephens
Cathedral was a major part of my development and I want generations to come to have the great opportunities that I had while at dear old Cathedral.
Jacob Langdon
That record board better stay in the new room!
James Bewsey
James Cloud
James F. Kenney
In memory of My Dad, James C. Kenney, Class of 1946
James Koers
Cathedral has made me and and my family what it is today. Dear Old Cathedral… here is to you
James Mulvaney
In honor of Edward and Ceil Mulvaney
James Szeszycki
Jane Bender
Jane Ferguson
Jared Danilson
Jason & Amanda Bakemeyer
Jason and Kristin McClellan
Jay Akers
Jean Smith
In memory of Chris Beaty '00 & Mario McCullough
Jeana Ouattara
Jeff Fleak
Jeff Usher
Jen Goldenberg
Jenni Alexander
Go Lady Irish Soccer☘️⚽️
Jennifer Neale
Jennifer Weed
In memory of Danny Weed ‘93
Cathedral is an incredibly special place that created lifelong bonds for my family and, especially, my brother Danny Weed. I am forever grateful for our Irish family. ❤️☘️
Jennifer Wurster
Let’s go Irish!!! Class of 1990.
Jenny Schnieders
In memory of Major Schnieders ‘62
Jerry and Jacque McNulty
Jessica Bricking
Jim & Becky Matthews
Jim Koers
Jim and Christine Koers
Go Irish
Jim and Karen Beeson
JoAnn Cunningham
Jodi Dezelan Perdue
Jodi Monroe
Go Irish!
Joe Pettygrove
Go Irish! Ipsa Duce Non Fatigaris
Joe and Diane Vande Bosche
Joel and Jenny Russell
Joellen Desautels
John Clamme
John Haigerty
In memory of John Wagner '83
Cathedral HS is a life-changing institution which gave my family more than we can ever give back. Go Irish!!
John Johnson
Glad to see them bringing a soccer facility onto the campus
John McGrath
John OBrien
Next year Jack will be a Senior and his sister Kelly will be a freshman! Good Luck☘️
John Schroeder
John Streiff
JohnPaul and Tina Watson Scheu
In memory of Susan Beck (SAA '66) Watson + Eileen Watson '99
Jon Hill
In honor of Class of 1990
Joseph Dezelan
In honor of Anthony J Dezelan
We love the school.
Joseph Parr
Joshua Walstrom
Judy & Tony Schommer
Julia Hurley
Julia Morrell
Julie Barthel
Justin Hiott
Kamryn Smith
In honor of My cousins! Jye Johnson '20 and Jaylen Johnson '20
Karen Hoffmann
In memory of David Scheidler
Karen Hovanec
Kari Duke
Karissa Sterling
Karrie Harper
Karsyn Kramer
Kathleen Nill
Go Irish ☘️
Kathleen Steiger
Kathryn O’Neil
In honor of David Scheidler ‘83
Kathryn Pardue
Kathryn Pivonka
Kathy Dapper
Katie Koers
Go Irish!! ☘️
Katie Lewis
Katie and John Barbee
Katy Quigley
Keith Long
Kelly Panzer
Kelly Parker
Kelly Simerly
Kelly Waltman
Kennedy Smith
In honor of My sister, Kamryn Smith '23 and cousins, Jye Johnson '20 and Jaylen Johnson '20
Kesha Marshall
Kevin Sheddy
Kevin Thomas
Go Irish, keep up the great work you do every day!!!
Kevin Wissler
In honor of Paul Wissler's 60th Birthday
Kim Tekippe
Kimberley Qurster
In honor of David Scheidler
Theatre at Cathedral meant so very much to me and I am happy to honor my dear friend, David in this way.
Kimberly Blanchet
Krista Bohannon
Kristin Lewis
Kyle Hughes
Kyle Mates
Go Irish!
Larry Smith
One of the Best High schools in the United States.
Latefe Trobridge
Go Irish ☘️🎉🙏🏽❤️
Leah Carroll
Les Meyer
Lindsay Bell
Lisa Finn
Lisa Jarrett
In honor of Bernie Brodercik
Lisa Thibault
In memory of Mike Thibault, class of 1990, from your family. We miss you every day and know how much you loved Cathedral High School!
Lynn Kinslow (Smith)
In memory of Chris Beaty ‘ 00
In honor of Scott Paris, Mike Thibault, Kevin McCarthy, John McCormick, Scott Searcy, Kim Hadley
in memory of 1990's fallen classmates
Maci Mansell and family
Such a great school developing character and life skills for all of the students, faculty and family members!
Macy Llewellyn
Mallory Hanson
Maria Dickman
MariaLydia Gerdts
Thank you for giving our children a wonderful learning environment and another place to call home.
Marian Bender
In honor of 2023 Choir Seniors
Mark Bego
Mark Matthews
Cathedral is the best high school in the state, and it's only getting better. Catholic tradition and Holy Cross values set Cathedral apart. Greatness IS calling.
Mark and Deb Lindemood
In memory of Rex and Verna Lindemood, Maydene Mason
Martin Vargas
Loved my time there is a student. Grateful to give back and support students on their Journey.
Marty Hill
Mary Beth (Koschnick) & Chris Branson
Go Irish ☘️
Mary Hughes
Mary Kate Temple
MaryClare Spellacy
Maryanne & Tim O’Brien
Matthew Bitar
Matthew Elliott and Kelley (Leyden) Elliott
Matthew and Melissa Murphy
Maureen Clark
Thank you!
Maureen Crockett
Maureen Laschober
In memory of Pat Laschober
Megan Schmidt
Our Performing Arts students need a facility that will accommodate the growth of the programs and the space they need the thrive and create!
Melissa Crowley
Melissa Lotti
Mia Black
For the Cathedral Black Alumni
Michael Mann
Michael Mayer
In honor of Will Mayer ‘22. & Jake Mayer ‘25
Mayer Family - Will Mayer ‘22 & Jake Mayer ‘25 GO Irish.
Michelle Taylor
Mike Cunningham Hon. 98
Mike Cunninham
Mitchell and Heather Lyons
Molly Knapp
Molly Shrewsberry
Molly Stubbs
Nick Dellen
Nick Lyons
Nicole Beasley
Nicole Bennett
Noah Beasley
Olivia Juarez-Linquist
Oscar Kirch
Patrick Beidelman
In honor of Michael Thibault '90
Patrick Shea
Paul Wissler
Paul and Beth Wissler
Paula Glover
Pete Ugo
Phoebe Wheeler ‘24
Quinn Gianoli
Rachel Claire Henry
Ramon Santos
Rick Pfleger
In honor of Greg Pfleger
Robert Bridges
The school does a tremendous job of forming the hearts AND the minds of students!
Rolly Landeros
Roman Cortez
Ronald Dezelan
In honor of Maryanne Dezelan
Ross and Katie Hendrickson
Ryan Beres
Ryan Greenwood
Ryan, Renea, and Evan
Soon to be ☘️ 2027 🏀🏈⚾️
Ryann Foster
Go Irish!
Samantha Schwartz
Sandler Training DTB
Sandra Keller
Legacy. Life long love for Cathedral
Sara T Riegel
Sarah Bertrand
Sarah Jean Watson
Sarah Spearman
You are educating our grandchildren who will become our future leaders. They are precious and extremely gifted,, and deserve the best. Thank you.
Scott Peterson
Scout Anderson
Sean & Leslie Fahey
Shani Wyant
Shannon Braun
So proud to be a part of this amazing family and grateful for the opportunities Cathedral opens for my kids! GO IRISH☘️
Shannon Campbell
Class of 98
Shannon McNulty Everly
Shelley Bethel
We love Cathedral! ❤️❤️😘
Sherry Gormley Crane
In memory of Dr. Joseph Gormley, '42
Siobhan Minch
Sofia Foley
Steve Dillon
In memory of Tad MacCartie
To my fellow baseball player and great lifelong friend.
Steve and Kim Jamell
Suzanne Grannan
Tamara Mendez
Tanya Haas
May Cathedral continue to strive for greatness.
Tanya Pratt
CHS provided a wonderful education for me and several members of my family! Go Irish!
Terra Fox
The Peter Family
The Temple Family
Thomas Mariani
Tina Carter
Tochukwu & Ekene Iloabuchi
Tom & Donna Murphy
We are the proud Godparents of graduating senior Megan Murphy. We are excited to see what the next chapter in her life brings. Thank You Cathedral Prep for the huge assist.
Tom and Jenny Kilian
Tony Alerding
Tracey Gillespie
Thanks for educating their body, mind and soul! Cathedral offers amazing opportunities and we feel so lucky to have found our way here!!
Tracey Gillespie
Trent & Anna Hahn
Tyler McClure
Victoria Arthur
In memory of James and Roma Murphy
Virginia Knies
Zachary Douglas
In honor of Zach Decker
11 Gold
Kara tappel
Go Irish!
Kerry Greenlee
In honor of In memory of Classmates from Class of 1990
In honor of Kamryn Smith
Wonderful traditions.
Thank you for all you do as a school and for the community,
In memory of classmates from the Class of 1990
In memory of Those gone before us in the Class of 90
In honor of Class of 1990 classmates lost, but not forgotten.
Gratitude and so others may receive the gift of Cathedral
CHS offers the best education in Indy.

Giving options

Cathedral Fund

Give to support our students where it is most needed

No longer available
Empowering Greatness, Health, & Wellness

These long-needed improvements will integrate healthy goals for athletics, physical education, training, and nutrition in one location. The expanded and improved weight room and training space will serve all students to improve their fitness and skills.

For example, we need new stations in new weight room - each station includes the following

  • Pull Up bar - $300
  • Bench - $1,500
  • Full Weight Rack Station - $5,000
No longer available
Empowering Greatness - Performing Arts Studio

Create a performing arts studio that will accommodate our growing choir program, which has exceeded the capacity of the current space in the Cunningham Fine Arts Center.

This facility will include needed space for storage, clothing, and equipment needs. It will also include lighting, technology, and audio for the new performing arts studio.

  • Two projectors and screens
  • High throw, high visibility projector - $6,000
  • Other features include full screens and lighting
No longer available
Empowering Greatness - Brunette Park Soccer and Lacrosse Multipurpose Stadium

The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams and lacrosse teams will benefit from having their own facility at Brunette Park to play and host opponents. This project will expand our athletic campus, improve the fan experience, and allow us to host postseason games.

  • Championship quality turf field for soccer and lacrosse
  • Grandstands include press box and bleachers for 1,000 - $300 per seat
No longer available
Tuition Assistance

Your gift enables us to continue to fulfill the mission of enrolling students from all walks of life, ensuring affordability, attracting phenomenal teachers, and providing the space in which to change lives.

  • iPad discount for a student - $100
  • One week’s tuition for a student - $500
  • One Shamrock Scholar Quarter Tuition Assistance Grant - $4,237.50
No longer available
Cathedral High School
5225 E 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46226
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