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Amanda Rush, Director of Annual Giving

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Aaron & Emily Burley
This staff does an unreal job providing the best of the best for our kids and its appreciated.
Aaron and Jennifer Montlary
We love our FRAmily!
Alex Taylor
In honor of Becky Knight
Thank you to Coach Knight who was a great leader and encourager for our girls soccer team!
Alison Davis
Amanda Hoffman
Amy Pass
Analise Gibbs
In honor of Amanda and Merritt Gibbs & Jack and Connie Potter
Go panthers! Proud to have grown up in such an awesome community!
Andy Wicke
Angela Mcmillin
Angelika Krawczyk
Ann McKinney
In memory of Jerry Williams
Annabel Oliff
Annabelle Schraw
In honor of Betsey Bachert
Mrs. Bachert has always been so supportive of me. My high school experience was better because of her. She always greeted me with a smile and sometimes would say or do something so funny. I love her so much and will try to keep in touch even after I graduate!
Annabelle Schraw
In honor of Lisa Zenner
I love Mrs. Zenner. She has been the best advisor ever. I loved being in her broadcast class and learned so much!
Annadele Benson
In honor of Dr. Fred Frawley
for instilling a love of learning in so many students.
Anne Blewett Ferrell
Anne Goldthorpe
In honor of Coach Becky Knight, Mr. Ryan Harris, Mrs. Holly Koogler
Coach Knight, you have been a role model and inspiration to me, and so many others. God knows how many lives you have impacted, and how you have been a light to everyone who knows you. I love you, Anne Mr. Harris, thank you for your leadership and for always reminding us that you love us and there’s nothing we can do about it!! It has been an honor to get to know you and your sweet family of 5. Appreciate you! Anne Mrs. Koogler, you already know how much I love you, my second mama. Thank you for being a steady presence throughout high school for me, and for our whole advisory family. Love you so much!!! Anne
Annie Trapp
Anthony & Emily Lunceford
Ashley Milam
Thank you for creating such a wonderful community!
Ashley Pyles
In honor of Amanda Gibbs and Amanda Kellum
Ashley Shannon
In honor of Beau Coston
Ashley Woodside
In memory of Barbara Bittles Felber
Austin '09 and Trevor '11 Baskin
Austin Baskin
In honor of Jerry Williams
Coach Williams arguably had the biggest impact on preparing me for college classes. His lecturing style helped me learn how to more efficiently take notes and he pushed me to become a better writer in the essays he gave us. This donation is in honor of him and the impact he had on all his students.
Austin and Mary Maddox
Autumn Nelson
In honor of Mrs. Malone, Coach Tackett, Mr. Zepeda
What a wonderful school! I have so many great memories from my time at FRA. I hope my two littles will attend when they are older.
Ava Norman
Avery Cooper
In honor of Kris Climer and Meaghan Williams
Avery DeYoung
In honor of diane perry, moix, Sra. archie, theodoru, dr higdon
Avery Harris
In honor of Mrs. Tyree
Thank you for being a great teacher and making everything fun!
Barbara Johnson Worley
Barbara Marks
In honor of Garrett Self 11th, Morgan Self 5th
Beau Koogler
Ben Anderson
We love our kids & so does the school
Ben Brown
Doc Weeks
Bennett Doerflinger
In honor of Dawson, Jones, kelso, Zepeda, Kaiser, calandra, wiser, bates
Thank you so much for being such positive influences in my life. Yall have made me a better person and I appreciate the time you took to help me in so many ways. I will miss yall so much next year!
Betsy Hill
We have had the best first year at FRA! Thanks for all you do… we couldn’t imagine a more perfect school!
Bobby Council Jr
In honor of Coach Fred
Thank you for always being there for me
Brandi Booker
So exciting to see the community come together for all the wonderful staff and students of FRA. Keep up the great work!
Brandon Campbell
Brian Masterson
Brianna Sanderson
In honor of Kelly Huddleston
Thank you for being such a great teacher!
Brittany & Jason Jones
Bronagh Barrett
Brooke & Gregg Boling
Bryan & Cassidy Spicer
Caleb Deering
In honor of Ryan McDonald, Kyle Strazzeri, Meaghan Williams, Michael Bartha
Thank you for pushing me to be my best!
Campbell Blake
In honor of Meaghan Williams, Stephanie Feyes, Natalie Scruggs, and Alana Hilkin
Cannon Tyner
In honor of Mrs.Moix, Jay Salato, Adrian Fredrick, Mr.Copeland, and Mrs.Zenner
I want to thank you personally for making such a huge impact on my life. You have made my time at FRA so memorable and meaningful. I will always remember how these past 4 years were more than I could have asked for, and you were part of the reason! Giving in your honor is just a small fraction of how I can show my endless amount of gratitude to you. Thank you and may God bless you and your family. With Love, Cannon.
Carley Given
God does incredible work through FRA. I saw it in my years as a student and now I am blessed to see HIM working in my children’s lives now at FRA. Grateful! Carley Given
Carol Lindsey
Caroline Dinker
In memory of Bobby Dinker ‘81 and Bill Bradshaw
Caroline Webb
In honor of Mrs. Huddleston, Mrs. Zenner, Mrs. Whistoff, Mr. Allen, Mr. Perez, Dr. Johnson
Carolyn Schneider
In memory of Sarah Britt
Carter Simons
In honor of Kelly Huddleston, David Tucker, James Weeks, Bill Zepeda, David Dawson, and Lisa Zenner
Catherine Teasley
Charlotte and Wesley Carr
In honor of Miss Bufton. Our first teacher at FRA who paved the way for our boys to feel safe, loved and seen. Who always kept his flame alight and guided us through our first years in America.
We love FRA!! Thankyou for loving on our boys, guiding them and making them shine their brightest selves. Thankyou for making a school where we feel supported and safe.
Chris and Kimberly Hood
Christian Howell
In honor of Addrian Frederick
Greetings from The Wasatch Mountains. Go Panthers
Christina Burns
Christine and Rob Marberry
Clint and Adele Holloway
In honor of In Memory of First Christian Church
Colleen & Mike Bracken
Collins Fassett
Connor Forde
Courtney Hulme
In honor of Dayna Hulme (Avery)
Craig & Kate Neely
Cullen Douglass '83
D'Arcy Bishop
Dale & Lauralee Thompson
Dan & Andrea Cleeton
Dan Anderson
Dana Bannerman
David Axford and Darlene Marsh
David Bishop
David McNatt
In honor of Chris Hart and Kathy Malone
Both Chris and Kathy added much happiness and support to my 5 years of teaching and coaching at FRA from years 2007 - 2012.
David and Molly Williams
In honor of Our daughter Ellison
Diane Taylor
We appreciate Coach Addrian Frederick, who has given our daughter so much confidence!
Doug & Rhonda Brandon
Alden & Hatten Estes
Doug and Diane Mackenzie
Dr. Susan Mott-Coles
In honor of my grandchildren, Bailey Elizabeth Knox and Barrett Austin Knox
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Strane
We are so grateful to FRA for the positive developments we have seen in our son in the past two school years. He is so inspired by faculty like Hasan Clayton, who is not only an excellent English teacher but also an amazing role model. When asked a couple of weeks ago if he would miss the 7th grade, he said he would really miss his teachers- coming from a teenage boy, I think that speaks volumes! We love FRA!
Drake Denning
In honor of Carson Denning
Drake Lankford
In honor of Chef Kevin
Dudney Fox
Elizabeth & Ryan Saffle
Elizabeth Slocum
Keep up the good work
Emily Clevenger
My nephew Felix is surrounded by wonderful friends, fun extra curricular activities, a talented staff, and is getting an amazing experience and education! Thank you!
Emma Paine
In honor of Mrs. Meg
Thank you for always giving me hugs! Love, Emma Paine
Emma Paine
In honor of Caroline Adkins
Emmy Sizemore
In honor of Coach Zenner and Coach Knight. Thank you for being the best mentors. I love you both! Emmy
Eric Johnson
Love being part of the FRAmily and seeing lives forever changed through our mission!
Ernest Tisdale
May God continue to bless this great learning center, the leadership, staff and students. this is my prayer!!!
Evyn Harris
In honor of Miss Lynn and Mrs. McKenna
Thank you for teaching me and playing with me!
Fassett Family
Frank and Leigh McMillan
In honor of In honor of some special teachers - Karen White and Meg Takahashi! Simply the best!!!
Gail Crockett
In honor of Gracie Harper
Garrett Finnegan
Gary Militante
Georgie Goldthorpe
In honor of Dr. West, Mr. Harris, Mrs. Clark, and Mr. Salato
Thank you for leading the LS, MS & US throughout my children’s FRA journey. You and all of their teachers have made this school a HOME for them!
Gerald Quick
Gustav Rodewald
Hall Dog
In honor of all Hall Dogs, past, present, future
Hank Verner
In honor of Addrian Frederick
Thank you Coach Fred!
Hannah & Maddy Lebow
In honor of Mr. McCormick
Thank you for keeping us safe! We appreciate all you do!!
Hannah & Maddy Lebow
In honor of Mr. Wiser
Thank you for keeping us safe! We appreciate all you do!!
Hannah Lebow
In honor of Ms. Jones
I just want to say thanks for being a great teacher!!
Hannah Lebow
In honor of Mr. Haywood
I just want to say thanks for being a great teacher!!
Hannah Lebow
In honor of Ms. Fleming
I just want to say thanks for being a great teacher!!
Hannah Lebow
In honor of Mrs. Crace
I just want to say thanks for being a great teacher!!
Hannah Lebow
In honor of Mrs. Nelson
I just want to say thanks for being a great teacher!!
Hannah Lebow
In honor of Mrs. Dunn
I just want to say thanks for being a great teacher!!
Harley & Karen Handegard
Great school, great environment. Wonderful staff! Keep it up!
Harper Hensler
In honor of Mrs. Archie, Coach Knight, and Mr. Zepeda
Hayden Harris
In honor of Mrs. Kaufman
You are the best teacher! Thank you for reading to us and caring about us.
Hayes Dalton
In honor of Natalie Scruggs, David Dawson, Courtney Williamson
This place means the world to me! FRA has shaped me into who I am today! Most importantly, FRA’s staff is the reason that I am who I am! So many incredible faculty!
Hayley Fuller
Forever grateful for this place where I got to grow up!!
Heather Herbert
Heather Mathias
Heather Moreau-Kralj
Henry Giompoletti
In honor of Coach Clayton, Mrs Hinthorne, Mr D’Angelo, Mr Williams and Ms Kordus
I’ve really enjoyed my 7th grade year! I’d like to give a big thank you to Coach Clayton, Mrs Hinthorne, Mr D’Angelo, Mr Williams and Ms Kordus for making it a great year!
Hubert Worrell
Ibrahim Ariyan
We cannot not imagine our children being anywhere else. The teachers, staff and the FRAmily community are just amazing.
Isaac Sanders
Isaac Sanders '03
Isabelle Matthews
In honor of Becky Knight and Clifton Kaiser
I am so thankful for this incredible school and the relationships it has blessed me with. Coach Knight, thank you for planting the seeds for my relationship with the Lord and for teaching me many life lessons on kindness and hard work. Mr. Kaiser, thank you for being my "school dad" and for being a listening ear.
Jack Spicer
In honor of Mr. Chandler
James Giompoletti
In honor of Ms Phelan
Ms Phelan makes every one around her happy! She is a special part of the FRA community.
Jamie Robinson
In honor of Coach Tucker
Jamie Scott
In honor of Ben Suitt, David Dawson, Carly Schneider, Stephanie Feyes, Georgie Goldthorpe, Alana Hilkin
Jamie Wellman
In honor of Arthur D'Angelo
Thank you for your consant encouragement, support and all the morning help session hours. Your time and devotion is valued and appreciated. The Wellman Family
Jamie Wellman
In honor of Abby Pickney
Thank you for the support and encouragement you provide to each student and family. You are Simply the Best! The Wellman Family
Jana Danza
Jason and Stacey Bennett
Jc Holloway
In honor of Coach Fred, Mr.Bartha, Coach Palmerton, and Coach Dawson
Jeff Krones
Jeff Ligon
In honor of Doug Finke
Jeff and Becky Scott
Jeff and Inga Everett
Jeff and Meredith Marwill
Jeffrey Millar
Jennifer Cunningham
Ms. Theodoru is not only a wonderful teacher but the best advisor and mentor. We are so grateful for you and all that you do! Thank you!💜
Jessica Boyd
Jill Alexander
Joan Collier
Joanne Geisinger
Joe Batey
Joe and Marianne Huddle
Joey and Enqu Kent
John & Cindy Herald
In honor of Susannah Millar
Thank you so much for for all you have done this year to help Lucy and our family feel welcomed and comfortable at FRA. We appreciate you! The Heralds
John & Tyler Rudesheim
John and Amber Arnold
In honor of Lo’s BFF Miss Lynn
We love FRA and all of the great teachers and staff.
Jonas Hannah
In honor of Mrs. Maguire
Thank you for the time.
Jonathan Wilson
In honor of Jen Archie, Cecilia Moix, David Tucker, Shawn Allen, Addrian Frederick, Stacy Banks-Houston, Carly Schneider
Thank you to the whole FRA staff!!!
Jorge Arrieta
Josh and Wendy Bowling
Judith Howell
Julie Taylor
Justin and Erin Marks
In memory of Linda Peppers
Kaissling Anderson
In honor of Lisa baskin for all of the cheerleading memories and being a continual support in my life all these years later.
Karen Cooper
Karolina Calderon
In honor of Amanda Hinthorne
Dear Mrs. Hinthorne, Thank you so much for being my science teacher! I really appreciate you for letting me come to fourth period science to study more. It has helped me so much! I’m also thankful that you came to FRA and became our science teacher! You are super kind and funny. Class is the best with a teacher like you. I hope you have the best day ever! -Nina
Katherine Akers
Kathleen Pritchartt
In honor of Natalie Scruggs
Kathy Bird
In memory of Doug Finke
Katie Aelvoet
Love supporting such an amazing school!
Katie and Jay Lown
In honor of Will Macaulay
Thanks for how you encourage and invest in our kids! So thankful for you!
Kayden Richardson
In honor of Addrian Frederick, Kate Webber, David Tucker, Thomas Gilroy, Corri Calandra
A little extra grateful for these few!
Kevin Byard
Kevin Finnegan
Kevin and Amber Carson
Kiel & Jacqueline Fisher
Kim & Anita Murphy
Kim and Bob Looney
In memory of Joyce Harkins Harvey
Kimberly Butler
Kimmia Doolittle
In honor of Miss Whitehead, Ms. Frances, Mrs. Coburn
Kirsten and Frank Schriner
Knox Paine
In honor of Ms. Phelan
The you for being such a wonderful teacher. Knox Paine
Knox Paine
In honor of Ms. Francis
Krista Ramsey
Kristie Schutt
In honor of Isla Schutt
Kristin Locke
LaRonda Fletcher
This is a great school. I love the support and love my son is getting. I am really watching him grow into a great young man..
Laing McCullough
FRA was a wonderful school for me to grow up in and even better for my son. Thank you for everything you do day in and day out!
Laura Turner
Laura Zachariah
Love this school! The teachers and the FRA community are the best!
Leland Solesby
In honor of Mrs. Archie, Ms. Theodoru, Ms. Montgomery, Mr. Bolen, Shannon Spencer, Dr. Higdon, Dr. Kelso, Ms. Maguire, Mrs. Zenner, Dr. Thomas
Libby Felker
thank you for everything yall have done for me!!! going to miss yall!
Lincoln O’Brien
In honor of Jen Archie
Thanks you for everything.
Lindsey Shepard
Lisa Baskin
In memory of Ruth Hessey
A lifelong educator. The first Admissions Director at FRA. A very special lady who influenced and encouraged many in her lifetime.
Loribeth Dunn
In honor of my colleagues in the Middle and Upper School.
In honor of Miss Sarah Cady - thank you for creating such a wonderful 1st grade year for Challen. We love you and will miss you next year in 2nd grade!
Mac Vanzant
In honor of Holly Koogler, David Dawson, Ryan Harris, Chad Sandford, Jon Wilson, Jay Salato, and Brian Shaffery
Maddy Hartleroad
In honor of Mr. Wilson, Prof. Moix, Mr. Allen
Maddy Lebow
In honor of Dr. Hayes
You helped me learn a lot and you're really fun. Thank you!
Maddy Lebow
In honor of Mrs. Crabtree
I loved having you for 2 years! You are so nice and fun.
Maddy Lebow
In honor of Ms. Phelan
Thanks for making 3rd grade so fun!
Madeline and Andrew Fleckenstein
Maggie Nelson
FRA will always have a special place in my heart with all the memories from my 14 years there.
Marty and Betsy West
In honor of Riley West and Paxton West
We are thrilled with what FRA means to our grandchildren. It's always a joy to be on campus for special events or even just to drop the kids off and pick them up. The atmosphere exemplifies the joy that we want them to experience as they are at school - the faculty and staff are wonderful and thinking of FRA makes us smile!
Mary Katherine McDowell
Mary Perrine
Mary-Evelyn and Jay Dalton
Mason Luplow
Thank you!
Matthew Norman
Maxwell Vhumisai
Amazing school
McLarty family
Meg & Pete Sergel
Thank you for loving, encouraging and mentoring our kids so well!
Melanie Hale
Melanie Peets
Melinda Menz
Thank you FRA!
Meredith Macleod Jaulin
Michael DePippa
Michael and Bornheim
Michael and Nikki Pardue
In honor of Mrs Bates
Michelle Supko
Miller Fassett
Miller McKee
Mr. and Mrs. William Dugger
Nancy Comish
Honoring Capt Banks and Mrs. Barnes
Nathan Sanders
Nicole West
In honor of Dr. Rick West
happy giving day from tampa! love you
Olivia Cain
Paige Johnson
In honor of Jill Johnson
You are the hardest working person I know and the best mom ever!!!! I am so proud of you and everything you have done for FRA! Love you!!!!
Paula and Greg Stuart
I donate because we love everything about FRA and the amazing support system that is provided for our daughter. She’s thriving and the teachers, staff and her friends at FRA are to thank for that!
Pearse Family
Rachel Kerr Lovelace
Thank you, FRA!
Rafa Calderon
In honor of Mark Williams
Mr. Williams, Thank you for being an amazing teacher. Thank you for making sure we learn but for also making sure class is always fun. Also, thank you for putting up with me. You’re a great teacher. Rafa
Raleigh Barnes
In honor of Dr. Fred Frawley
Randy Chase
Rick West
In honor of Stephanie Feyes & Lisa Zenner
Ricky & Nancy Henderson
Riley Casey
Rivers Wilson
Rob and Christine (Matthews) Marberry
Robert Carollo
In honor of Hazel Carollo
Robert Gaunt
Robert and Pauline Hilkin
FRA is an awesome school. Layton and Lochlyn love the school and Alana is a dedicated teacher and coach.
Roxane Taylor
Supporting an excellent education is the greatest gift I can give to my grandson Levi
Sabrina LaFaye
In honor of Stephanie Feyes
Your enthusiasm inspired me in all things science!
Sadie Hart
Thank you!
Sam Cooper
In honor of Coach Fred and Shawn Allen
Samantha & Chris Boyd
Sarah Rigsby
Sarah Schaedle
Sarah and Martin Akin
Scott & Darla Johnson
Sean Olson
Sheila and Alan Miller
Shelby and Lori Mitchell
Shelley Mayfield
Sofia Darsinos
Sonnie Shay
So grateful for this school community
Sophie Charton
Speed Family
Spencer Sivley
Good school good teachers
Stephen & Emily Garrett (Ellie 2038)
In honor of Ms. Frances and Ms. Whitehead
We have had the best year with Ms. Frances and Ms. Whitehead (and all of the lower school teachers and staff)! Ellie has grown and learned so much in just one school year - we cannot wait to see what the next 14 years at FRA hold for her!
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Butler
Stephen and Amy May
Steve Harris
Steve Morris
Steve Parker
The Parker family sincerely appreciates the FRA administration, staff, and couches. Appreciate all you do to make FRA a wonderful place to grow.
Sue and Bud Graham
Sue and Mike Salato
In honor of Miss Lynn and Mrs. McKenna
You are the best! Thanks so much for a great start at FRA!
Susan Lonon
Julia Fleming - to this day Wilson Lonon has not forgotten how you helped him through such a tough year. Anytime he's asked he continues to stay you're the best teacher he's ever had or ever will have. We are so thankful for you and your heart for every kid that you pour into!!! Susan & Wilson Lonon
Suzette Kelly
In honor of Caleb, Abby, and Nate Deering
Tara & Lea Murphy
Tara and Steve Carson
In honor of Our grandson, Henry Herbert
Taylor Casey
In honor of Sean Casey
Keep up the good work!
Taylor Robinson
In honor of the sage staff
Taylor and Whit Moloney
Terry and Leslie Woodall
The Bego Family
In honor of Mrs. Walker
Thank you for being such a great teacher! I just loved being in your class!! - Ally
The Bego Family
In honor of Ms. Karen White
I will always remember you when I think back on my first year at FRA. You are the best!! -Ally
The Bego Family
In honor of Dr. West & Mrs. Lamm
Thank you for making our school such a wonderful place! I wake up excited to come to school every day because I love everyone at FRA so much! - Ally
The Bego Family
In honor of Miss Humphrey
Thank you for being the best and most fun teacher ever!!! This has been an amazing year and I am so happy that you came to FRA! - Ally
The Bego Family
In honor of Dr. Hayes
You are the best and seeing your smile every day is so special to me! I will always be part of the Hayes Family! - Ally
The Nyquist Family
The Otillio Family
The Paine Family
In honor of Mrs. Millar
The Paine Family
In honor of Clare Walker
The Teas Family
Tiffany Fallon
Tim and Lynn Lawyer
Timothy Rybacki
Timothy Rybacki
Tom & Susan Ranew
Tom and Ronnie Woodard
In honor of Ann and Tom Woodard
Tommy Clevenger
Tommy Gray
Shout out to my classmates and former teachers.
Tracey Fisher
FRA is a professional organize Christian Setting school that my son was blessed to Graduate from.
Trevor Baskin
Trey and Holly Sizemore
In honor of the important and positive impact the FRAmily has made on our children, Addy, Wake, and Emmy. Thank you all!
Trip McDowell
Ty Clark
In honor of Mrs. Williams, Mr. Gilroy, Mrs. Bachert
Ty Clark
In honor of Mrs.Williams, Mr.Gilroy, Mrs.Bachert
Tyler and Rachel Faulkner
Vanessa and Derek Hoevel
In honor of Ms. Whitehead and Ms. Francis ❤️
Wake Sizemore
In honor of Betsey Bachert
Have a great rest of the semester. Miss you!
Will Chapman
William Chapman
In honor of Doug Finke and Bryan Hall
William and Jodi Alderson
What a fantastic school! Jodi and I are proud to be current parents as well as alumni. Wouldn’t have my kids anywhere else!
Zach & Emily (Canady) Smeykal
In honor of Tiff Canady
He's the best and does so much behind the scenes that no one ever knows about. He keeps FRA beautiful and well-maintained!
Chelsea janbakhsh
In honor of KP, Mr. Schmoke, Mrs. Calandra, Mr. Zepeda, Mrs. Carpenter
thank you for everything.
Christine dove
Gwyn shafer
Nitesh patel
Sarah long
You are amazing in all you do for our kids!! We are so grateful for you every day!
Shannon houchins and jennie smythe
Waddy hammond
In honor of Jerry Williams
In honor of Julia Goodin
Franklin Road Academy
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