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Make your donation today to help unlock David Recordon’s ’04 $50,000, 3:1 matching gift, allowing the School to enact two new impactful initiatives this year. Your gift will support the appointment of a full-time Assistant Director of Inclusion and Outreach responsible for recruiting and retaining Black employees and people of color, and the implementation of a school-wide anti-racist curriculum and cultural competency training for all employees.

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Meghan Pollard, Alumni Engagement, Associate Director

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Abigail Conyers
Amanda Cowart
In honor of our students and alumni.
Thank you, David Recordon, and to our entire community for doing this now!
Amelia Templeton
Thank you David and Jasmine for your leadership, for diving forward conversations about inclusion, equity, and racism, and for making Catlin and Portland better.
Andrew Merrill
Becky Lennon
Beth Sykes
Bianca Nakayama
Bill Shaw
Brad & Julie McMurchie
Brendan Gill
Brett Mathes
Brian Davies
Brian Thomas
Thanks, David! It's nice to see that you are giving back to CGS: "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels..."
Cassandra Dickson
Chris Jones & Angela Cook-Jones
Chris Tebben & Cam Turner
Christa Kaainoa
Christina Wilson
In honor of the Prendergast boys Love, Rosie
Christine Woodard
I am proud to support this crucial work!
Colleen Maslen
Conner Hansen
Daisy Steele
Daniel Lincoln
Darrell Grant
In memory of Jean & David McFall
Thanks David Recordon for helping forward DEI at Catlin-Gabel
David Recordon
Dawn Odell
Debbie Ehrman Kaye
In honor of Pat Ehrman
Debbie and Jim Coonan
Derek Eggiman
Derrick Butler
Devon Carew
Elizabeth & Lyle Korytkowski
Elizabeth Mandel
Elizabeth Sabin Rouffy
Erin Mboup
Janet Williamson
In honor of Indira Nallakrishnan
Jed Mitchell and Christina Milano
Jennifer Byrne
Jennifer Yoken
Jennifer karvelas
Jim Grube and Diane Schultz
Johan Van de Groenendaal
John Gilleland
John Harnetiaux
June Fernandez
Thank you Jasmine Love and everyone who works to further DEI at Catlin!
Justin and Lara Sales
Laura & Andy Ford
Lea Trefsgar
Len & Hester Carr
In memory of Ann Fyfield
Thank you, David!
Leslie Hillman
Li-Ling Cheng
In honor of Kenya Sei
Lisa & Glen Levy
Marc and Angela Patrick
Marilyn Bishop and Tim Whalen
Mary Gilleland
Maureen Swan
Meg Patten Eaton
Thank you, David Recordon!
Michael Brunet
Minna Yoo
Parents '21 and '25
Paul Dickinson
I am glad this opportunity for our community to work toward equal opportunity for all. We're playing catch up, I know, but we're working toward it.
Phoebe Wayne
Rachel & Rick Hyde
Rian Moore
Riley Hutchings
Robert Kaye
Ron Sobel
In memory of Emily Sobel 93
Ryan and Sacha Luria
So glad to support this work.
Sandra and Jay Baraff
Sarah & John Ferguson
Sarah Huggins
Scott & Nora Murray
Steven Saslow
In honor of self and Heidi Olsher
strongly support this campaign
Susan Chow
In honor of Tina and Nelson Lam for their leadership work with the Asian American Parent Affinity Group.
Taylor Kaplan
Tim and Lisa Bazemore
Todd Caulfield
Tom and Joan Buell
In honor of Janice Gaynor
The person in whose honor we give is a person of color I hired as a teacher when I was head of the Beehive. In many people, this effort is natural, and not new.
Tomoyo Nakamura
Traci Kiyama
In memory of Ann Fyfield
Virginia King
Eric mandel
Nicole rinetti - clawson
No more trump
Pamela lloyd
In honor of Indira! and Jasmine and DAC
Pamela lloyd
In honor of Mimi Sei
This is so important- let’s do it!
Thank you.
In honor of Barbara Ostos
Thank you for committing to doing the work.
Keep up the great work!
In honor of Dr. David Simms.

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Daisy SteeleParent ’17, ’24Faculty/Staff
Supported a year ago
Cassandra DicksonParent ’18, ’21
Supported a year ago
John GillelandTrustee/Past Trustee
Supported a year ago
Ron SobelParent ’93Faculty/Staff
Supported a year ago
In memory of Emily Sobel 93
Derrick ButlerTrustee/Past Trustee
Supported a year ago
Tim and Lisa BazemoreFaculty/Staff
Supported a year ago
Len & Hester CarrAlumni ’75Faculty/Staff
Supported a year ago
In memory of Ann Fyfield
Thank you, David!
Steven SaslowAlumni ’61Faculty/Staff
Supported a year ago
In honor of self and Heidi Olsher
strongly support this campaign
Scott & Nora MurrayParent ’33
Supported a year ago
AnonymousParent ’26, ’28, ’31
Supported a year ago
In honor of Dr. David Simms.

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