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Academies Parents are Stronger Together!

Our goal is for 150 families to make a gift this week and show support for faculty, students, and our great community.

Joanne DelCarpine, Manager, Annual Fund & Donor Relations

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Frankie TimmonsParent ’23
Supported 9 months ago
Tevis BowdenParent ’23
Supported 9 months ago
We are so thankful for the family of teachers, students, and administrators at AA! Totally positive experience for our kids!
Katie and Phil IovienoParent ’23, ’26
Supported 9 months ago
Steven and Janet TinklerParent ’25
Supported 10 months ago
We are so pleased with the learning environment at AAG. A big thank you to the faculty and administration at Albany Academies for all that you do!
Samar Naqvi and Intikhab MohsinParent ’20, ’25
Supported 10 months ago
Virginia LuPoneParent ’24Faculty/Staff
Supported 10 months ago
Micheline FordParent ’22
Supported 10 months ago
In honor of Michael Ford
To help Academy become a broader and more inclusive environment
Kelly McCreadyParent ’25
Supported 10 months ago
Our daughter is thriving! Thank you ALL for all that you do to make that possible.
Alexis and Matthew ClementParent ’27, ’29, ’32
Supported 10 months ago
Keith and Stephanie PaytonParent ’21, ’23
Supported 10 months ago
In honor of Matt Streifert
We are grateful to the entire community at the Albany Academies for providing a safe environment for learning during pandemic, one that did not back away from academic challenge at a time when many schools did the opposite. The performing arts faculty worked miracles. Thanks to everyone!

Giving options

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100 gifts of $100 would fund $10,000 for needed equipment, resources, and technology like Chromebooks for classrooms.

No longer available
No longer available

50 gifts of $500 would provide $25,000 in upgrades to the campus like new desks and painting classrooms.

No longer available
No longer available

20 gifts of $2,500 would provide $50,000 for resources in the arts and athletic programs like lighting equipment for plays and maintaining the playing fields.

No longer available
No longer available
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