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Joanne DelCarpine, Manager, Annual Fund & Donor Relations

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AA Alumni Association
AAG Alumnae Association
Afshin Yamin
Alex Crawford
Alexander Boggess
Alison Cooper
Alixandra Rutnik
Allison Jones
In memory of Lizanne Hardegen Jones
Alydaar Rangwala
Amit Nautiyal
Andrezza Surmeli
Ann Schultze Gephardt
Ann Wendth
Annmarie Quinlivan
Thankful for the great all around experience that Jack, Anthony and Liam had at Albany Academy. Annmarie Quinlivan
Aviva Bower
In honor of The fantastic faculty and staff at the Academies!
The faculty and staff at the Academies have worked tirelessly through the pandemic (and before) to provide our children with an excellent education in the arts, academics, and athletics. We are so grateful.
Ayodele Jones
Babcock & Cynthia MacLean
In memory of my mother, Lee Selden Howe MacLean, Class of 1927
Benjamin and Colleen Chase
Bettina Mamone
Brian Enright
Brianna Hart
Brianne Baggetta
Bruce Johnson
In honor of AA Class of 1961
Burrill & Bettina Burke
In honor of our grandson Jackson Bissell '23
Burton Wilcke
In honor of all the dedicated teachers, especially those that have gone above and beyond, during this pandemic. Thank you for caring about our children.
Carl & Kara Becker
Carol Crummey McCardle
Caroline Ribelin
In honor of Elizabeth Brown Baker '37
Carolyn/Erik Hansen
Caron O'Brien Crummey
Cary Rice (Mayberger)
Catherine Moore
This will be matched. Go academy!!
Catherine Stewart Werley
In honor of AAG Class of 1966
Charles & Marcia Foresman
Christian Diefendorf
Christian Gullott
Christopher Fitzpatrick
Christopher Savo
Conor Stewart
David Finlayson
David Kalinski
In honor of David Boring '75
Debbie Gordon
Debbie Meckler Freedman
Deborah Acton Tollefson
In honor of AAG Class of '59
Deni Auclair
In honor of Claudia Lewis
Dennis Barron & Joanne DelCarpine
In honor of Roberto Barron '21 and all his wonderful teachers and coaches who helped him to thrive.
Dirk Sonneborn
Dolly & Neerav Patel
Eileen Tucker Spiro
Elissa and Justin Smith
Elizabeth Masterson
Elizabeth Sonneborn
Ellen Safranko
In honor of Andrew Safranko '91 becoming a distinguished alum this year.
Emily Miller
Eric Moore
Eric and Theresa Lewis
Erica Eglow
Evril Clayton
Frances Phillips
Geoffrey and Laurel Plante
George Stephenson
Gloria Cabaniss and David Cabaniss
Thank you to the teachers and staff. Good well done during Covid!
Governor Hugh L Carey Donor Advised Fund
Greg Clifford
In honor of Jack Dehler
Gretchen Freihofer
Heather Stein Kruse
Hossein & Jaleh Ettekal
Hyacinth Mason
Ilene and Chip Stein
In honor of AA Faculty
Jack Ruth
James Moore
Jason Malikow
Jeffrey Beaver
Jeffrey Buckley
Jeffrey Levine
Happy to help.
Jennifer Amstutz
Jennifer Russell
We donate to support our son who is a teacher at The Academies and our grandsons who are students.
Jennifer Stevens Girvin
Jessica Lansing
Jim Mills
Jodi Stein Emmott
Joe O'Connor
John & Jennifer Hayes
John And Pam MacAffer
John Peter Garvey IV
John Ryan
Support for our grandson's education.
John Scicchitano
Joseph Fitzgerald
Joseph Gulli
Joseph Moscatello
Joshua Nelson
In memory of Ahmad Praileau '20
Joyce Berman Brooks
Judith Rogers
Judy and Stuart Madnick
In honor of Jeff Hyman's Birthday - Please notify him of this donation
Designated to the AA Basketball Team
Julie Pasquini
Kathryn Mammen
Keith and Stacey Goldstein
Ken Lyons
Kenneth Aufsesser
Looking forward to 50th
Kenneth Hawkins
Kenneth Weafer
Kevin Murphy
Kirk Harbinger
Larry Chase
Laura Braunstein-Freiberg
Lee and Donna Rosen
Linda Fennelly
Linda Grugan
Lisa Fitzgerald
In honor of Ahmad Praileau,
Lisa S Rome
Lydia Littlefield
In honor of Debbie Mahoney
Lynn Colucci-Mizenko
Marcia Sutherland
In honor of AAG Class of 1962
Marcia Sutherland
In memory of William Platt Sutherland - AA 1916
Marcus Cavanagh
Margaret Der Ohannesian
Thank you for a unique education.
Margaret King
Marilyn Vukota
My boys loved Albany Academy!
Mark Spiers
Mark and kristen Levenson
Marsha Penrose
Martha Blackman
Mary Anito
In honor of Patricia Coates
Mary Bischoff
Mary Ellen Ehlers & Ferdinand Venditti
Mary Farley
Mary K Naftzger
The Albany Academies prepares students exceptionally well for college and life: reading, writing, evaluating, public speaking, confidence, leadership, small classes, fabulous teachers and mentors, coaches, students are well equipped to meet challenges in our fast paced and complicated world. My children are both successful in their careers because of the great foundation they received here.
Mary Muhlfelder Harowski
In memory of Adelaide deBeer Muhlfelder and James Leo Muhlfelder
Mary Wren
Mary and Peter Burgess
Matthew Orenstein
Maurisa Rathwell
Meghan Frazier
Michael & Alicia Lasch
Michael Berkowitz
Michael Call
In honor of All my teachers during my 13 years as a proud student
In memory of All my teachers during my 13 years as a student
Michael Casagrande
Michael Hirsh
Michael Lasch
Michael Maguire
In memory of Clarke Burke
Clarke recently passed away. I rode the bus with him from Troy for four years. He was a fine and kind classmate. The world could surely use more Clarke Burkes. I will always remember him warmly and well.
Michael Peruffo
Michaila Stevens
Mo Ahmed
Morris Massry
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius D. Murray '62, P'99, '05, '06
In memory of Austin Woodward '43
Nancy Carey Cassidy
Nancy Carter
In memory of James S. Carter '40
Nancy Cohen Wekselbaum
Nancy Jones
AAG provided me with all the tools for success. I met and worked with wonderful teachers and students there.
Nathan Bruschi
Cheers to Dave Pascone and all the other incredible educators to whom I owe so much.
Neil Johanning
Nicholas Faso
Nicole Borisenok Krasodomski
Nikki Borisenok Krasodomski
Olatubosun Osofisan
In memory of My Parents (I.O. & M.O. Osofisan)
Pat Chase
Peter Aufsesser
Peter Campito
Peter Green
Peter Trowbridge
Peter and Jean Maloy
Philip Picotte
RIchard Weiss
In honor of my brother Tom Weiss' passing 6/20
Rajeev Balakrishna
Reginald Anadio
Rich and Mary Flaherty
Richard Ladd
Richard Puccio
Robert P Jones, Jr
Robin Spitalny
Russell Stevenson, III
Ruth Malloy
In honor of Harry K Tebbutt, III
Sally Shannon Burkhart Haddad
Samantha Miorin
In honor of The Class of 2010/2011 Scholarship Fund
To support students whose families need help to afford the Academy eduation!
Sarah Toledano
Seth Polen
Stephanie Martell
Stephanie Murray
Susan Earle
Susan Reese & Thomas Hirt Charitable Foundation
Susan Rockmore
Susan Scofield
Sven Edlund
In memory of Edna's W Edlund
Sydney Jones, III
In honor of AA class of 1962
Taeim Bang
The Estate of Nancy Hyatt Liddle
Theodore Bouloukos
Thomas McDonough
Tim DiStefano
Timothy Steiner
Wayne Simpson
William Pausley
William Samuels
Zachary Nelson
In memory of Ahmad Praileau '20
Christine rutigliano
In honor of Dr.Brower and Jessica Grogan
To of the greatest teacher to ever grace the classrooms of AA!
John Seltenreich
Margaret hawn
Please keep up the good work. Thank you for your time and dedication.
In memory of Ahmad Praileau

Recent activity

Judy and Stuart MadnickGrandparent ’26
Supported 8 months ago
In honor of Jeff Hyman's Birthday - Please notify him of this donation
Designated to the AA Basketball Team
Margaret Der OhannesianAAG Alumnae ’66
Supported 8 months ago
Thank you for a unique education.
Allison JonesAAG Alumnae ’85
Supported 8 months ago
In memory of Lizanne Hardegen Jones
Cary Rice (Mayberger)AAG Alumnae ’05
Supported 8 months ago
Erica EglowAAG Alumnae ’10
Supported 8 months ago
Ann Schultze GephardtAAG Alumnae ’62
Supported 8 months ago
Michaila StevensAAG Alumnae ’10
Supported 8 months ago
Michael BerkowitzAA Alumni ’11
Supported 8 months ago
Richard LaddAA Alumni ’69
Supported 8 months ago
Annmarie QuinlivanParent ’16, ’19
Supported 8 months ago
Thankful for the great all around experience that Jack, Anthony and Liam had at Albany Academy. Annmarie Quinlivan

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A $50 gift provides classroom supplies.

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$100 buys canvases and brushes for our Advanced Studio Arts students.

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A $250 gift purchases a Chromebook for a student.

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$500 pays for painting and upgrades to our facilities.

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With a $1,000 gift, the school can purchase lab kits for an AP Biology class.

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$2,500 would provide lighting equipment rentals for a theater production.

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Every gift is appreciated. Gifts of $5,000 or more are cause for great rejoicing.

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A gift of $10,000 would help purchase a new vehicle for transportation to athletic events.

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