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Week of priority support

What type of support do we receive during a Giving Day?

We know how critical timing can be on certain days like a Giving Day, especially when you’re working with a vendor and things are out of your control. This is why we created our weeks of priority support.

For each week of priority support included in your BoostMySchool Plan, you receive 5 consecutive business days of priority support, including a 24-hour period of dedicated support from 7:00am to 11:59pm in your timezone.

  • During priority support: your Success Manager will be available by cell phone and respond within half a day.
  • During dedicated support: your Success Manager will respond within 30 minutes. In addition, we will have a member of our Engineering Team available on call if needed.

During your Priority Support Week, you are our top priority and we will do our best to ensure that all of your hard work and preparation leads to fundraising success.

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