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Adriana Gomez, Director of Alumni Giving

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Abby Alvarado
Abby Romo
Mr Swan and Mr Meyer!
Adam Marcelo
Adriana Gomez
Thacher makes me happy 🏔🌸
Aimee Brown-Nelson
Incredibly proud of this community 🌸🗻🐴 🐸
Alden DelVecchio
Alejandro Wilcox
Alette Segerstrom
Alex Yeagle
Alex Zaldastani
Alexander Morris
Alice Hyde
Alice Tang
Amanda Ibañez
Amar Patel
Amber Brown
Amy E. Feldman
Andrew Atwong
In honor of Eric Shi
Andrew St. George
Ann Han
Anna Fleming
Anna Lister
Anna-Liisa Eklund
Anne Gregory
Annie Beckham
Annie Everett
March magic, shoutout to Ms Hooker, go JV ballers!
Anouk Ackerman
Apollo Kaneko
Ashley Song
Avery Bearden
Bea Pierrepont
Till the best we can do is all done
Beatrice Land
Ben Connor
Ben Yih
Ben Yoon
Blake Bowie
Bob Farrelly
Braden Roh
Brenton Sullivan
Briggs Boss
Brisha Howe
Brittany Holden
Brooke Porter
Calum McGuckin
Cameron Twichell
Caroline DelVecchio
Caroline Eastburn
In honor of PRob, of course. The catalyst for my whole path.
Cassie Disner
Cassie James
Cayce Cover
In honor of Kristen Finch, DVM
Thank you for being exactly what I needed and always encouraging me to learn and better myself.
Charles Kern
For Ms. Morales-Kent!!
Charles Morgenstein
Charlie Evans
Charlie Kleeger
Charlie Tracy
In honor of My prefectees, Jared, Darius, Armen, Diego, Justin, Graham.
Charlotte Driscoll
Charlotte Kelliher
Chase Montague
Chris Yih
Christina Eilar
Christopher Berven
In honor of Pedro
Christopher Robinson
Christopher Van Son
In honor of PRob
Clare Bilek
In honor of PRob: Happy retirement! Thank you for being an amazing teacher and mentor!
Clare McCormack
Clare Rogowski
Happy March Magic 🐸🍊
Cole Anderson
Colin Kirkpatrick
Colin Troughton
Colly Smith
Connor Callahan
Conrad Troast
Cooper Slaughter
Cosmo Cowles
Dash Martin
In honor of Mr Avery and the Thacher Jazz ensemble 🎺🎵
David Amano
David Chao
Defne Egbo
Defne Egbo CdeP 2019 (for DEI) shoutout Nil Egbo CdeP 2024 🧡🧡
Derek Stutz
Devon Roberts
Doug Klink
Edel Galgon
Eleanor Gifford
Eleanor Hancock
I had such a beautiful experience at Thacher and I hope future and current Toads can have the same!
Eli Graff
I hope y'all extend the swimming pool lol.
Elias Ceseña
Elizabeth Swindells
Elle Gannon
Elsabet Jones
Emelia Daro
Emily Su
Eric Mao
Eric Oregel
Erik Berndt
Evan Farese
Evan Perry
Faith Earley
🏔🏔🏔 🌸🌸🌸
Fatoumata Soumare
Fidel Lopez
Finn Ehringer
Ford Shaper
I miss running with this great group of guys! Oh and a lot of 35 degree drizzly runs will make you miss the Ojai weather too.
Georgia Driscoll
Giovanna Grigsby-Rocca
In honor of Mr. Robinson
Grace Bingham
Grace Callander
thankful for the memories! 🏔
Grace Zhang
Gracie Farese
Grady Jacobsen
Griffin McMahon
Griffin O'Neill
Griffin Triplett
Gus Gamble
Hailey Everett
Hannah Everett
Hayton Oei
Helen Brown
Henry Hancock
Hilary Ellman
Holland Stacey
Ian Bearden
Ian Muir
Ian Zhang
Inga Conyngham
In honor of Performing arts ❣️
Isaac Hayman
Go toads
Isabel Hosafros
Isabelle Doubleday
Incessant nagging
Jack Weil
Jackson Dolphin
Jackson Howard
Jacob Nelson
Jae Bailon
Shout out to Ms. Morales-Kent for being my rock and biggest supporter through and through! Missing home 🍊
Jake Arculli
James Costigan
Jamie Rush
Jaq King
Jasmin Arculli
Jeff Rhee
Jeffrey Ding
Person who made the biggest difference was Mr. Meyer
Jesse VanNewkirk
Jill Manfredi
Joanna Knutsen
John Han
John Kern
Jose Carpio
Joseph M. Bell
Julia Girardoni
Julia Hale
In honor of For PRob, Happy retirement, thanks for everything
Julian Amaya
In honor of Mr. Hattori, Mr. Sanchez, Doc Q, M2K & Soccer program. Thank you for the lessons and memories!
Julianna Childs
Julien Luebbers
Kai Boas
Kameelah Sims-Traylor
Karl Kelly
Karla Ceja
Kathryn Kellner
Kathryn Lynch
🍊🪄 💚
Katie Vyhnal
Kennedy Roberts
Kevin Griffee
Kevin Ryu
Kibibi Davis
Klara Jacobs
Kyle Smith
This ones for Dr.Boyd!
Lachlan Nutting
Laura Kirkland
Lauren Butler
Laurence Jackson
Leo Turpan
Lexie Kirkwood
Liam Carpenter-Urquhart
Liam Driscoll
In honor of Maria Morales-Kent
Liam Kirkpatrick
Libby Galgon
In honor of PRob
Libby Hatton
Libby Kern
Lillian Boyle
Lindsey Greenhill
Lisea Lark
Lizbeth Velasco
Lola DiNizio
Luca Pieretti
Luke Leasure
Luke Letscher
Lulu Patterson
Lydia Paxton
In honor of Ms Hoop 🙌
Lydia Wood-Hull
Maddie McMorrow
Maddy Waltemath
Maeve Briggs
Go toads!!!!
Maggie Sonenshine
Malena Solin
Marc Jiang
Margaret Troast
Marshall Fisher
Marshall Gifford
Martha Gregory
Martin Porter
Mary Waltemath
Mary Yan
Mateo Thacher
Matt Wyckoff
Max Golbere
Maxine Tamas
Shoutout to Ms Carney for being the best advisor and teacher ❤️❤️
Maya Wendel
Maya Wilcox
Mia Voevodsky
Mike Sanderson
Mitch Weil
Molly Taylor
Mya Bolden
Nan MacMillan
Natalia Osuna
Nate Currie
Nevin Bernet
Go Toads! Keep the students off their phones
Nick Edwards
In honor of PRob
Nick Johnson
Nicole Bassolino
Nina Harbison
Nolan Vyhnal
Olivia Driscoll
Olivia de Polo
Orren Fox
Orrian Arnold
Owen Driscoll
Owen Wyle
Paige Bowie
Paiton Gleeson
Pascal Cevaer-Corey
Patrick Coughran
Patrick Lundgren
In honor of Mr. Sanchez, Jungo, and the soccer team
Peter Ammons
In honor of the Pidducks. Their guidance has been the foundation of the trajectory I have set for myself in my early adult life.
Peter Callan
Peter Phipps
Peter Schmidt
Phoebe Killea
Go toads ✨
Piper Stacey
Poppy Brittingham
Preston Brailer
Sending my best wishes to Mr. Hooper and everyone at CdeP
Rachel Rex
Raul Soto
Reade Rossman
Reese Proctor
Reyna Kleemeier
Riley Carney
Robert Welch
Robin Evans
Roman Bergeron
In honor of Mr. Meyer
Ronald Wong
Ryan Proctor
Sage Whipple
Samantha Sue Baird
Samuel Richardson
Sandy Yao
In honor of Mr Haggard
Sanford Ballou
Sarah Cresto
Sarah Cunningham
Sarah Hancock
Sarah Liu
In honor of Mr.Robinson❣️ Thank you for being the extraordinary English & Art History teacher, mentor, and support. Missing you from NYC. Happy retirement!
Sarah Metz
Sarah Van Son
Sarah Voss
Serena Warren
Go toads
Shane Griffee
Shelby Luce
Simon Novich
Skylar Lewis
For the climbing program 🧗‍♀️climb on!
Skyler Nova
Sophia Fung
Sophie Bekins
Stefanie Lueders
In honor of Mr Swan♥️🐴
Stella Frank
Sydney Wilder
Sydney Yates
Shout out to Jordan Yates class of 2023
Sydney de Polo
TJ Gwilliam
Taejung Kim
Talia Isaacson
Taylor Bacon
Shout out to Mrs Merlini for all the kindness she showed to the Middle School girls and the stray cats we brought in 💕
Taylor Gaines
Taylor Tobin
Tea Wallmark
Tess Edwards
Thomas Hudson
Tiffany Butler
Timothy Kent
Tomas Fanning
Tommy Brittingham
Trevor Duggins
Truman Hanks
Tucker Bennett
Tyler Berndt
Tyler James
Tyler Vondriska
In honor of Doc Q, Ms. Hooker, Mr./Mrs. Carney, and Will Callahan
Ursula Gately
In honor of Doc Finch
Vincent Langan
Virginia Sargent
Go 🐸🐸!
Wade Warren
Wesley Liang
Will Newirth
Yao Yin
Zanna Stutz
Emiliano Vargas
Willie halsted
Thacher has me influenced me greatly in becoming the person I am today!
In honor of Marvin Shagam, Shout out: Mr. And Mrs. Hooper, Mr. And Mrs. Snyder, Tim Sullivan and Bo Manson. For use towards the horse department or to restore the Mulligan name to the dining hall.
In honor of Evan Avery

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Shout out to Mrs Merlini for all the kindness she showed to the Middle School girls and the stray cats we brought in 💕
Lulu PattersonAlum ’19
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Mike SandersonAlum ’20
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Thomas HudsonAlum ’18
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