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A Benevolent Badger
Aidan Schlesinger
Al Tenhundfeld
Alison Webb
Allison Thomas Rodriguez
Alysson Severance
Amanda Nelsen
In honor of Stewardship leaders Christine Putnam & Cindy Cartwright
Thanks for your stewardship leadership. Thanks for planting and tending to the pollinator gardens on grounds.
Amy Hanna
Andrew Cary
Andrew Murray
Ann Wick
Anna Haupt
Anne Deane
Anne Pace
Anne Vest
Austin Chinn
Barbara Ryder
Bedford Scott
In honor of Robert. F Bedford
Betty M Twiggs
Bill Maisannes
In honor of John D’Earth
Brandi Booker
It's so wonderful to see the community come together for the students and staff of Tandem.
Brendan Mahoney
Brian Wilberger
Brooke Plotnick
In honor of Rey Barry and Virginia Plotnick
Many thanks for allowing me to flourish in my own weird ways. Ever grateful to mom and dad for figuring out how to make it happen.
Carter Hanson
Loved the school, and want to make sure it gets the support it needs!
Casey Reed
Catherine Gillespie
In honor of Mason Hakes
Thanks for seeing my son through 8 years of tremendous learning and growth!
Catherine Gillespie
Catherine McCall
Chloe Wilson
Tandem Friends is a transformational place for everyone it touches. I feel so lucky to be a part of this special community!
Chris Broomall
Christian Bronk
In honor of Mattea Gaines '24
Christina and Rankin Davis
Christine Muehlman Gyovai
Thank you to the awesome teachers! We also love it when the kids are outside at Tandem for hiking, on the trails, watching birds or doing science outside- one of the reasons we chose Tandem!
Class of '74 alumna
Class of 1974
Colin Nail
D Howard
In honor our Grandkids Dori Bailey & Peter
Damian Kavanagh
Dan Epstein
Dan Myers
Dave Harr
David Berzonsky
David Russell
David and Allie Saunier
Grateful for the community that has helped shape our child.
Deirdre and JD Brown
Denise Sechser
Dylan Stephens
Edith and Henry McHenry
Edna Carpenter
In honor of Shirley Dukes
In honor of my sister, Shirley Dukes and her family
Elizabeth Erickson Everhart
Ellia McDaniels
Emily Daniel
Emily Kinser
Emma Johnson
Emma Passino
Ephraim Firdyiwek
Erin Kent
Evangeline Calland
Wonderful school that nurtured my daughter and prepared her to succeed at UVA and in life!
Gabriel Perkinson
Geoff Carter
George Russell
Geraldine Ellis
In honor of Latrell Winkey
I love the Tandem Community. Thank you for the role you played in developing my grandson Latrell.
Ginny Christensen
Ginny Lund
Glen Farr
In honor of Sophie Farr
We are so pleased that our granddaughter, Sophie Farr, had the Tandem experience. This prepared her so well for future academic and social pursuits.
Gordon Fields
Heather Macalister
So thankful my kids were able to go to Tandem
Heather Miller
In honor of The Caduff Stahl Family
Heidi and Steve Passino
Henry Taylor
Hilary Steinitz
So grateful for the excellent and supportive teachers and staff. We will miss you.
Hope Henderson
Isaac Halstead
Isabel Zermani
In honor of Mariflo Stephens
JD Verniero
Jake Minturn
James Donovan
Janie Grussing
In honor of Erin and Michael O’Neill
Totally awesome faculty and staff who prepare the students both mind and spirit!
Jason Farr
Jenkins Family
Jennifer Roebuck
Attending Tandem was a life saver for me! I am grateful to have been a part of the community and to see it continue on. It is reassuring to know that there are Tandemites thinking, challenging, and creating. out there in the world.
Jenny Koster
I appreciate how Tandem celebrates each student as they are.
Jeremy Boissevain
Jessica Turner
Jim Mingle
Joan Mandryk
To keep the lights on.
John Kokola
Joseph kelly
In honor of John Watkins
Judith Kavanagh
Julia Sapir
Kate Kooker
Kate Moody
Katharine Johnston
Kathleen McShane
Congratulations Sam -class of 2024!
Katina and Jeff Wilberger
Kayla Coverston
Kelly Kroese
Kelly Lindauer
I value the teachers and community!
Kirsten Franke
Loved our years at TFS ... over a decade ago,now !!
Kit Meyer
Kristen Parker
In honor of Greg Howard
Kristen Pearlstein
Laura Doherty
Laura Douglas
The beauty of Tandem and its community motivate me every day.
Laura Douglas
Tandem parents are a constant inspiration to me and are a huge part of my Tandem experience.
Laura Weigel-Stretch
Lauren Coyner
Lilly Chinn
Linda Pleasants
In honor of Grandson Tyler Broomall
Lindsay Diamond
The school fostered so much growth, independence and compassion in both of our children that we can't thank them enough for both enriching their lives and giving them a safe place to be themselves.
Logan Sorensen
Lori Schuyler
Charlie graduated from college today. Thanks to Tandem for helping him prepare for and find the perfect place to continue his educational journey.
Lori Stahl
As an Alum and then parent, TFS has been integral in my family’s life off and on for decades. We will miss it dearly.
Lydia Horan
Spent a lot of time as a part of the community as a teacher and parent. This community brought my family joy and connection.
Fantastic high school experience!
Mack Kennedy
Maggi Gaines
In honor of the teachers and administrators and the entire team of Tandem Friends School that make Tandem Tandem. Thank you.
Gratitude to the teachers, administrators, and the entire team at Tandem. They lead by example and what a difference it makes!! Thank you.
Maggie Boissevain
Malhotra Family
Margaret Burruss
In honor of Letty McDonald
Letty encouraged me to think outside of the false dichotomy of Art vs. STEM. As an artistic young person, who also excelled math, Letty taught me to see the beauty of math. Today I do tech work that requires an eye for design, and am also a potter who relies on science!
Marta Goldstein
Mary Catherine Wimer
Mary Lyman Bias
Mary Winkley
Mason Love
Matt Meriwether
Matthew Jones
Melissa Warren
Meredith Kalnite
Michael Fine
Michelle Schlesinger
Mira Velimirovic
Moira Kavanagh and Scott Rausch
Molly McShane
Monica Quarles
As an alumni my time at Tandem helped prepare me to continue to succeed in life academically and professionally. Then 6 years ago I returned as staff. On both journeys I have been fully supported and appreciate the opportunity to return in a different capacity. Now I get to help our students navigate life before heading out into the world independently and love it. Tandem is definitely a special, one-of-a-kind place!
Morgan McLeod
Musa Sarwar
Keep up the good work!
Nick Passino
Nora Trodden
Oliver Tennant
Owen Ware
Paul Cronin
Peach Dumars
One of the most important places in the world for me and my family!
Peter Cathcart
Pru Huddleston
Gave me the best life ever!!
Pru Huddleston
Rachel Tricker
In honor of Tandem staff
Thank you for your continued dedication to the students
Rhonwen Hale
In honor of Riley Butler
Richard Hedrick
Rodger Rinehart
Thank you organizers of our 50th reunion!
Roger Carpenter
In honor of Shirley Dukes
In memory of my Aunt Shirley and and her family.
Ronda Hewitt
In honor of Lydia Horan
Ruby Corbyn-Ross
In memory of Lauri Ross
Sally Chinn
In honor of Mary Chinn
I taught at Aylett Country Day for 20 years, and I know the value of a small private school where each child is appreciated and supported by teachers who are there because they love what they are doing.
Samantha (Wong) Blanco
Thank you Tandem for building a community and a space to develop whole human beings. I found myself at Tandem and I am forever grateful.
Sarah & Peter Gaines
With deep gratitude for all of the people - students, families, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, past parents - who make Tandem such a unique and special environment for young people!
Sarah Bedford and Jay Scott
Sarah Davies
Class of 2024! You rock!
Sarah Donelson
Sarah Sutton
Sena Magill
In memory of Jason Annabel
A school where I felt at home and a place to belong when you think differently.
Seth Pates
Shorey Myers
Sonia Brandon
Susan Akkad (Gordon)
Tandem was essential part of my young adult life. Made friends for life as well
Susan Thompson
The Quaker philosophy of SPICES is strongly evident at Tandem.
Susan Thompson
My family connections to Quaker education
Susan Wallner
In honor of Mr. Howard and Mr. Alling
They took a chance on me, and while I wasn't able to graduate from Tandem it was still a defining moment in my life.
Susanna Thomas
Sydney Hockett
Tim and Gina Kelley
In memory of Mark Davis
Todd Love
My son's experience at Tandem (TFS Class of 2021) is one of the greatest gifts my wife and I will ever be able to give him. Thanks to the faculty and the culture of the school, I really don't want to imagine what high school would have been for him anywhere else.
Tracy Proctor
Tucker Winter
Whitney Thompson
In honor of Ros Berne
William Adams
In honor of Virginia Adams
Win Blodgett
In honor of Duncan Alling
Wyatt Henneman
Jane berentson
In honor of trefor davies
Tandem Friends has been a blessing to my child's education and growth!
Teacher/admistration, literally everything.

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