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Anna, Elia, Sambuddha, and Sophia (2017 Class Marshals)


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Update #2 - 2 years ago

Hope your summer is going well! We just wanted to conclude our successful fundraiser for the Magnet Program from the class of 2017. We received almost $1,500 in total, and because we had 22 lovely donors, Holman Gao ‘08 generously contributed $443.74! The Magnet is very appreciative of the donations and is excited to use that money to support all of its wonderful opportunities.

Thank you so much for a successful campaign; hopefully, as a class, we all become exorbitantly wealthy and continue to support the Magnet in the future!

Posted on Thursday, August 10th, 2017, 12:48 pm EDT

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Congratulations Class of 2017!

You made it through four years of the Magnet. Please show your support with a donation to help future classes enjoy the same experiences that you had. With recent cuts to MCPS, private donations pay for much of the lab equipment, software, and extracurricular activities that make the Magnet Program an extraordinary education experience.

Over the past eight years, parents, alumni, and others have contributed over $100,000 to the Magnet Foundation. See a list of grants funded from these donations.

Your support will ensure that entering students and their teachers will always have access to the resources make the Magnet a special program!

Suggested giving amounts, with examples of how your gift will support the Magnet:

  • $2,000 - Register 5 teams (75 students total) for ARML, the nation’s premier high school mathematics team competition
  • $800 - Keep lab equipment up to date (e.g. upgrade the 3-D printer or purchase a new band saw for the R&E lab)
  • $250 - 1/100 of the $25,000 annual Foundation budget. If everyone in a class gave $250, we would reach the annual goal!
  • $50 - Register 1 team (5 students) for Envirothon, an annual environmental science competition
  • $20.17 - Show your class pride with a gift today. Every gift makes an impact!

Update #1 - 2 years ago

17 of you have already supported the cause! 17 donors means that we’ve reached our first Challenge! Yay! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts (or whatever’s left of them). This means that for each contribution you make now, Holman Gao (‘08) will add another $20.17 to the cause. So whether you’re making bank on the west coast (I wonder who that is…) or are working on a farm…or making Uber for getaway drivers …any amount helps!

Y’all have been so generous, that we’ve decided to extend our deadline: That’s right, you have until Sunday, August 6th to help out! But what are you waiting for, donate today! (Imagine me in an OxyClean commercial…)

Posted on Sunday, July 30th, 2017, 2:56 pm EDT

Campaign ended Sunday, August 6th, 2017, 11:59 pm EDT
Funds from this campaign also counted as part of 2017 Annual Fund
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Holman GaoAlumni ’08
Supported 2 years ago
Thanks to Class of 2017 for supporting the Magnet!
AnonymousAlumni ’17
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Neal SAlumni ’17
Supported 2 years ago
Nayman LeungAlumni ’17
Supported 2 years ago
Why Should I Put My Name Here?Student ’21
Supported 2 years ago
Kusal De AlwisAlumni ’17
Supported 2 years ago
Daniel BusisAlumni ’17
Supported 2 years ago
Sambuddha ChattopadhyayAlumni ’17
Supported 2 years ago
For MBMT, MBAT & 24 more MB_Ts to come
Manas ChattopadhyayParent ’17
Supported 2 years ago
Gouri ChattopadhyayParent ’17
Supported 2 years ago
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