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How is BoostMySchool typically used?

The two most common uses for BoostMySchool are one-time campaigns and long-term funds.

Examples of one-time campaigns

Class milestone gifts (e.g. Class of 1994 25th year anniversary), holiday campaigns, beginning or end of school-year campaigns, giving days.

Examples of long-term funds

Annual funds, school renovation projects.
One of the main benefits of BoostMySchool is that we aggregate donations across all of your campaigns and funds. Regardless of which causes a donor has given to, it is easy to find the total amount that donor has given to your organization (great for year-end tax-receipts).

What do I need to sign up?

Just your name, email, and school! Reach out to [email protected] and a member of the BoostMySchool Partnerships Team will reach out with next steps to set up an account.
When you want to transfer donations raised on BoostMySchool to your bank account, we will provide you with a secure link to enter in information as required by Stripe, our payment provider. See Stripe’s Connected Account Agreement for more details. Transfers arrive in your bank account 1-2 business days after the transfer is initiated.
At this moment, we require all users accepting donations to be affiliated with a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

How long does it take to set up a BoostMySchool campaign?

Each of our schools work directly with a member of the BoostMySchool Success Team and get campaigns launched in less than a week! Before campaigns go live, we ensure that the campaign looks and feels how you want it to. It is important for us that donors know that they are donating to your school and not BoostMySchool.
To create campaigns, you don’t need to learn a new website or know how to use HTML. Your assigned BoostMySchool Success Specialist will handle everything for you!

Do donors need an account to donate?

Nope! Donors are not required to sign up for a BoostMySchool account and can donate by visiting your school’s BoostMySchool page.

How much does BoostMySchool cost?

BoostMySchool charges a yearly fee and an online processing fee for on donations collected through our payment processor. Donations raised outside of BoostMySchool can be added to the site for no additional charge.
In order to best serve schools in support of their online fundraising. BoostMySchool charges a 2% fee on transactions paid via credit or debit card or bank account. Our payment processor, Stripe, also charges an industry-standard 2.9% payment processing fee which cannot be avoided.
Because our schools receive large online donations, we waive the BoostMySchool fee for the amount of a donation above $1,000, so that donors feel comfortable giving large donations through BoostMySchool. However, the payment processing fee is mandatory and still applies to the entire donation.
But one of our most popular features is that there is an option for donors to cover the payment processing fee on the check out page. 85% of donors on BoostMySchool cover the fees!
See the following case study on BoostMySchool costs, based on a real user: (details hidden for privacy reasons)

Case study: Donations to High School Alumni Association in 2016

Donations raised on BoostMySchool: $20,000
Donations raised outside of BoostMySchool: $15,000
Total donations ($15,000 + $25,000): $35,000

Fees from the 15% of donors who did not cover the fee: $150
Donations kept ($35,000 - $150): $34,850!