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Why BoostMySchool?

Increase your giving and engagement when you create giving pages that resonate with your community

Meet Your Donors Where They Are.

Tailor your giving experience to your community and how they prefer to give.

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Growth in donations from past year
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“Partnering with BoostMySchool has allowed us to streamline many aspects of our fundraising process - from Giving Day to individual athletic teams. Their team has really gone above and beyond to insure that we have the support we need to be successful.”

Caroline Golja

Advancement Officer

Bring Your Community Together.

Rally your community around a common goal and let them inspire each other into giving.

Visual comment wall

Upload images, GIFs, & videos

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Raised to support DEI
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“The biggest part of our success was that BoostMySchool helped people feel like they were giving to something that others were giving to as well. Everyone was coming together, making comments, and seeing their friends and classmates who are helping us reach this goal.”

Evan Lewis

Catlin Gabel Fund, Director

Streamline Your Processes.

Leverage world-class technology so you can spend more time connecting with your communities.

Real-time reports & analytics

Import & export data

Weeks of full-time spreadsheet entry saved
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“The greatest change happened when we went from using spreadsheets to BoostMySchool. We literally had one person dedicated to creating spreadsheets for 3 weeks for our 3-week giving challenge.”

Kate Vengrove

Director of Engagement

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